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Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's Finally Here!! Trinity Bound by Carrie Ann Ryan

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm not a big shifter reader. It’s official, Carrie Ann Ryan has converted me with her Redwood Pack series! She has created such a wonderful world with lots of drama, love, pain, and mystery. As soon as I was done reading the book, I was ready to jump online and scream, beg, plead for more. I WANT MORE!! FASTER, FASTER!

Title:Trinity Bound
Series- A Redwood Pack Series- Book Three
Released -March 30, 2012



Hannah Lewis, a rare earth witch, is taken from the only life she’s ever known. Held at her will by a sadistic wolf, she almost gives up hope that she’d ever see her real life again. But as her fellow captive, a werewolf named Reed, tries to calm her fears, she begins to feel a spark of something she never thought she’d feel – love. But is Reed, alone, enough to get her out of this dark basement so she can move on with her life?

Reed Jamenson, the artist of a werewolf Pack of Alpha males, knows instinctually that Hannah is his mate. Thus, despite their imprisonment, he will do all to protect her and then worry about their hearts. But is he strong enough to find a way for both of them to escape? And why does he feel as though something else is missing?

Josh Kolb, an ex-military human, stumbles upon Reed and Hannah and finds he must trust this new world of supernatural beings to survive. But that desire will lead the three to a triangle of attraction that will test the boundaries they all possess and its consequences in defeating the enemy. Can they all trust one another to save themselves and life as they know it? Even at the cost of their own hearts?


This is book 3 in the Redwood Pack series. This book picks up right where book 2 (A Taste for a Mate) ends off. Where is that, you ask? Well…not to give too much away, but it starts off in a creepy dungeon-like cell with Reed Jamenson and an unknown girl, who to make things worse, is his mate. But something isn't quite right—not only are they trapped and being tortured by the Centrals (a crazy rival pack)—but his Mate scene if off a bit, well that is until some strange human male breaks into the cells and saves both him and Hannah from the Centrals evil grasp.

Reed is the fourth child in the Jamenson line; he has no purpose in his family lineage. He's an artist, he draws-how can that contribute to his family or his pack? Well Reed finds out just what he can contribute to his family and pack when he forms his Trinity Bond with his two mates—Hannah, a witch…and…Josh, an ex- Navy Seal.

All these characters have issues that they must over come and deal with before they can truly form their Trinity Bond. Are they worthy? Can they be trusted? Are they dangerous? Can they really live as a Triad? All their struggles and insecurities make this all the better. You will be flipping pages fast during their adventures and battles and slowing down to make sure you don't miss any of the loving (SUPER HOT).

The three of them are fabulous together. Carrie Ann Ryan has a way about her writing that always makes me laugh. She creates easy following dialog with humor that everyone will get and laugh at.

I can't wait for the fourth book—Enforcer's Redemption—Adam’s story. I can tell you already just from what little we have been shown about Adam that this book will be a tear-jerker. So get caught up now…this is not a series you want to miss.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Liia Ann White~ Hot Aussie Weekend

Newlyweds Jaycee and Campbell are stressed. Constantly working, trying to set up a secure future for themselves, they rarely spend time alone, enjoying each other’s company. So, to celebrate their first anniversary, Campbell whisks away his wife on a romantic getaway where he plans to pamper her and lure her into the ultimate relaxed state. But what is his ulterior motive? What secret has he been keeping from his new wife?
Whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to be a weekend full of eroticism, love, romance and some surprises on a Hot Aussie Weekend.

I have 2 excerpts for ya one "PG" Rated and another "R" Rated so take your pick or read both :) Enjoy!

Excerpt ~

PG Rated

Jaycee let out a long sigh as the bath bomb fizzled out beneath her legs. Lying completely immersed in the hot scented water was just what she needed. She hadn’t realised she was stressed until she was on the car ride down here. The tension always knotted her neck and shoulders, which ached.

The fact that Campbell had even thought of giving her a weekend away where he could pamper her was enough. The fact that he was actually doing it? Oh yeah, he got extra brownie points for that. She could have jumped him the second she stepped through that door, but now she was so relaxed, all she wanted to do was curl up next to him and snuggle.

As the bath water cooled, Jaycee pulled herself out and dried herself. Assessing herself in the mirror, she noted her pink cheeks and the way loose strands of hair had curled around her face and neck. Knowing Campbell loved that look, she left her hair up in the messy bun she had and left the bathroom.

Wrapping the towel tightly around her, Jaycee wandered to the bedroom area, sighing when the cool air hit her skin. She’d sat in the bath for too long and overheated herself a bit – she did that every time.

The second she set eyes on Campbell, her temperature rose again. Topless and wearing only a pair of cotton pants, he was mouth-wateringly sexy. Her eyebrows rose and she smiled as she took in the sight of him standing at the edge of the bed.

“You look…” she paused, trying to think of an appropriate word, but nothing described how attractive he was. With a light moan, she stepped up to him and ran her hand down his bare abdomen, smiling when the muscles contracted underneath her fingertips.

R Rated

Complying, she frowned and wondered why she’d be tempted to pleasure herself. Suddenly the skin on her breasts tingled. The mounds felt swollen and tight, nipples peaking to an almost painful point. Letting out a small cry, she looked down her body to see a wicked grin on Campbell’s face as he nipped the underside of her breast.

“What did you use?” She was suddenly breathless. “What is that stuff?”

“Arousing massage oil,” he mumbled against her stomach as he worked his way down her body. His hand gently massaged her mound and, sure enough, seconds later, her pussy burned with arousal.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned and threw her head back on the pillow.

Every nerve ending was on fire. Her body ached to be touched, but Campbell withdrew his hands and sat back on his knees, apparently admiring his handwork. Clenching her hands into fists under her head, she let out a moan of frustration. Her skin tingled, breasts heaved as her breaths increased.

“Cam, please,” she panted.

He didn’t respond. She looked up and found him wiping his hands on a wet face washer. When he leant down again, he blew gently on her mound. It reignited the fire that burned within her.

“Please,” she whined, writhing. Now she understood why he told her not to touch herself. Right now, she was about to take matters into her own hands.

Campbell’s head disappeared from her line of vision and she closed her eyes as his fingers touched her folds. Cool air hit her heated pussy when he opened her, causing her clit to throb even harder than it had been. A soft, gentle stroke from his tongue pulled a guttural moan from Jaycee’s mouth. She bit down on her lip and focussed on the sensations his tongue was causing.

His tongue ceased movements and disappeared, only to return to her breasts, where he licked and sucked her to the edge of orgasm. Just by touching her breasts. Fuck. That had never happened to her.

Two fingers pressed against her entrance and Campbell pulled them up, spreading her moisture around her clit. Slow, lazy movements only made her more aroused.

“I swear, Cam,” she panted. “If you don’t get on with it, I’m going to push you off the bed and finish myself off.”

She caught a glimpse of his smirk just as he thrust his fingers into her pussy. Throwing her head back, she moaned at the welcome intrusion. Fuck, he knew what he was doing. His fingers curved inside her and instantly found that place that drove her wild. Coupled with his suckling and caressing her breasts, she took mere seconds to come.

“Come for me, honey.” Campbell murmuring in her ear sent her spiralling over the edge.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mary Abshire ~ The Soul Catcher series

The Soul Catcher series
 (paranormal/urban fantasy romance)
Catching and sending evil souls to Hell is a dangerous job. Just ask Jessie Garrett, my half-demon soul catcher. She tried to stay hidden in the world, but a vampire, Drake, found her and decided to offer her a job to send the soul of a evil rogue vamp to Hell. She didn't trust Drake at all or any supernatural creature. Yet, the offer intrigued her, so she accepted it. Over time, she learns Drake is one of the good guys. She can't fight the attraction to him, and neither can he resist her.
But wait. Jeremy, a full-blooded demon steps into the picture. He wants Jessie, plain and simple. He's bold, daring, and out to get what he wants. Nothing is free when you bargain with a demon.
After Jessie finishes her job for Drake, he leaves to report to the organization he works for. He promises to return to her. In his absence, which is far longer than he planned, Jeremy proposes a deal to Jessie. Once again, she's out to send another soul to Hell. And while she's away from Drake and with Jeremy, he tempts her, and so does a hot Alpha whom she's helping. Her life becomes complicated on many levels. Not only does she fight for her life, she struggles to deal with her relationship with Drake and the two other men who want her. With a hot werewolf, a bad-boy demon, and a noble vampire in Jessie's life, you can understand her dilemma. Right?
This is the gist of the first two books in the series, which are Claiming the Evil Dead and Catching an Evil Tail. I could go on about the other two books in the series, Fighting Evil and Love Conquers All Evil, but I thought you might like an excerpt instead. And besides, I want you to be interested! J
Catching an Evil Tail (The Soul Catcher, #2)Here's an excerpt from Catching An Evil Tail (2nd Soul Catcher novel).
 Half-demon, Jessie, is with the Alpha in a pool.
Brilliant green eyes stared at me. "No, this is not business. This is just the two of us getting to know each other without any distractions."
His gaze strayed to my lips. My breath quickened; I sensed his arousal. He was so close to me. A few inches closer and I could kiss him. Struggling with the desire to touch his lips and taste him, I looked down at the artwork on his torso.
"This is an interesting tattoo." I ran my palm over the smooth flesh. "Does it hold any special meaning for you?"
"Survival," he said. "It started out on my arm and shoulder. Over the years, I have lengthened it."
"Where does it end?" I asked.
"Right now, past my hip bone." The corners of his lips curled. "Would you like to see the rest of it?"
Yes! Yes! Show me please, my inner demon screamed. "I, uh . . . ."
In one swift motion, he pressed his lips upon mine while his hard body flattened me against the wall. Desire flamed as his strength and energy flowed into me. I let go of the ledge, wrapped my arms around his neck, and curled my legs around his waist. His strong lips kept me glued to his while his delicious tongue—tasting of honey—explored mine. Under the water, his solid muscle pressed against me. Enjoying the feel of his hardness, I let a soft moan slip past my lips. His tongue delved deeper and with feverish strokes. God help me, I didn't care about air. The demon part of me yearned for him and every bit of love he wanted to give.
"Oh, Jessie," he said as we both gasped for air. "I have never wanted another woman as much as I want you right now."
One of his hands strayed under my bikini top. He pinched my hard nipple and squeezed my breast. I gasped as a tingle of excitement spread through me. My body quivered, thirsty for satisfaction. All I wanted to think about was the pleasure he would give me, and the promise for more. But my conscience prodded me. This was too much, too soon. I barely knew the man, and I hadn't broken off my relationship with Drake. What on earth was I doing?
"Stop." I braced my hands on his chest. "I can't do this."
His tongue glided up my neck, sending a shiver through me. Oh, he felt so warm and pleasing. His hand slithered down my torso and stopped between my legs on the outside of my bikini. Fingers rubbed my sex. He was so close to giving me what my body craved.
"Please, let me have you. Let me give you what you need," he whispered in my ear.
His warm breath sent a shiver through me.
His fingers pressed into the thin layer of cloth separating me from him. "I know you want this."
He couldn't have been more right. I wanted it so badly, but I didn't want the regret associated with it on my conscience.
"Please, stop," I said softly.
His lips brushed over mine while his hand slid around and gripped my butt. He pressed his erection against my sex. "I can smell your desire. Your heart is beating fast, Jessie. Why are you fighting this? Is it because of Jeremy?"
I laughed. "No. God no!"
He rubbed his stiff cock against me, and for a moment, I thought about what it would feel like to have him inside, warming me, pulsing, satisfying my need. I closed my eyes, and I swallowed hard. If I stayed too much longer with his body touching mine, I'd give in. The demon would win and get what she wanted.
Have I piqued your interest? I hope so. The four books in the series are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most other vendors.

Thank you for reading my posting, and special Thanks to Dawn, for having me as a guest!

Mary Abshire 
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Author


Claiming the Evil Dead (The Soul Catcher, #1)


Half-demon Jessie Garrett is searching for an evil vampire that's been preying upon children. She wants to claim the rogue vamp's soul and send it to hell. To find the dead man walking she must partner with another bloodsucker, Drake, even though she doesn't trust him. While Jessie works with Drake, she learns not all vampires are killers and discovers the cold-blooded vamp is a temptation too difficult to resist.

After the fiend abducts another child and Jessie has a near fatal experience with vampires, she turns to Jeremy, a demon she bumped into at a club, and makes a deal with him for his help. Drake disapproves, and Jessie soon finds herself wedged between two volatile creatures. When the chance comes to save the child's life and claim the evil vamp's soul, she must decide whom she can trust—a vampire who cools her feverish desires, or a demon hell-bent on seducing her.



Half-demon Jessie Garrett wants to live a normal life among her friends and keep her soul catching ability a secret, but supernatural creatures keep popping up in her world. Adding to her struggles, her vampire lover remains out of the country, and when he offers no valuable explanation as to why he hasn't returned, she wonders if she should move on without him.

As if Jessie doesn't have enough worries on her mind, the demon yearning to seduce her shows up at her home. She longs to liberate herself from the debt she owes him, and when he asks for her help, she jumps at the chance to make a new deal with him—one that will guarantee her freedom. The only catch? She has to send the soul of a werewolf to hell.

Love, trust, and loyalty are on the line. Torn between her feelings for her vampire boyfriend, a hot Alpha wolf, and a demon vowing to protect her, Jessie must figure out her heart's true desires.


Half-demon Jessie Garrett's battles seem endless. While Jeremy, the demon out to win her heart, teaches her how to fight, Jessie's relationship with her vampire lover, Drake, reaches a breaking point. Adding to her struggles, she must defend her life against a group of vampires who consider her a threat to their existence. Held captive on a remote island with both Drake and Jeremy protecting her, she is tested in ways she's never imagined. Jessie fights back; only her actions do more harm than good. The group offers her a choice, but no matter what she decides, her life will change forever.



Welcome to arctic Alaska, free from vampires and home to humans, demons, and werewolves.

After months of moving and hiding from the VETOV, Drake and Jessie settle into a small Alaskan town. They soon discover a serial killer is on the loose and it's a demon stealing good souls. As Jessie mingles with locals from the demon community and investigates the murders, she bumps into a werewolf she had hoped she would never see again. More trouble arises and Jessie reaches out to Alan, the Alpha she met in Arizona.

Together, Drake and Alan seek to eliminate the threat against Jessie, but removing the werewolf may come with a steep price for the Alpha.

In a matter of a few days, Jessie battles for survival, and her own soul, while maintaining a feverish love for Drake. Demons and werewolves won't stop this half-demon soul catcher from sending evil souls to hell, or spending eternity with her noble vampire.

Thank you Mary and might I say these are some very beautiful covers!

Oh and for those of you who are attending the Romantic Times Convention in Chicago April 11-15,  Ms. Mary Abshire will be there as well and will be signing at Saturday's Giant Book Fair. Want more information? CLICK HERE

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wowza Wednesday - Jason Momoa

 Jason Momoa!!

I couldn't resist sorry, I was stuck in bed all weekend sick and watched Game of Thrones. I wanted to make sure I was ready for the new season starting back up on April 1st. So as you can see I have him on my mind (so bummed he won't be in next season) and I figured I'd share him with you again :) I mean come on look at this body and man do I have some

Jason Momoa

Header Image for Q & A With Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa 



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My "Must Have" Release Week Reads

JR Ward
Lover Reborn - Black Dagger Brotherhood #10
Release date 3/27
In the darkest corners of the night in Caldwell, New York, a conflict like no other rages. The city is home to a band of brothers born to defend their race: the warrior vampires of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.Now back in the Brotherhood – and unrecognisable as the vampire leader he once was – Tohrment is physically emaciated and heartbroken beyond despair. When he begins to see his beloved in his dreams – trapped in a cold, isolating netherworld – Tohr turns to a self-serving fallen angel in hopes of saving the one he has lost.

When he’s told he must learn to love another to free his former mate, Tohr knows they are all doomed…Except then a female with a shadowed history begins to get through to him. Against the backdrop of the raging war with the lessers, and with a new clan of vampires vying for the Blind King’s throne, Tohr struggles between the buried past, and a very hot, passion-filled future… but can his heart let go and set all of them free?

Louisa Edwards
Hot Under Pressure - Rising Star Chefs #3
Release date 3/27

Loaded with the hottest dishes and sexiest chefs, the Rising Star Chef competition is about to boil over for one pair of all-star cooks who can’t stand the heat—of working so close together...


Henry Beck thought he’d already faced the toughest kitchen challenge of his life. After all, what could top sweating it out as a Navy cook on a submarine? But when he learns his competition for the title of Rising Star Chef is the sweet hippie girl he married...and left...ten years ago, the heat is on.


Now Beck and Skye Gladwell are going head to head in the finals...and sparking up old flames every time they touch. But Skye wants more than a win over the man who abandoned her when she needed him most—she wants a divorce! Then her sexy almost-ex makes a deliciously dangerous proposition. He’ll give in to her demands, but if his team wins the RSC, he has a demand of his own...one last taste of the only woman he ever loved.

 Mackenzie McKade
Release date 3/27

IrresistibleIt’s a thin line between love and hate. When it shatters, watch out…

As a teen, Sydney Boyle’s crush on her foster parents’ son—despite their six-year age difference—brought her nothing but heartache. So she did what any smart girl would do: feigned indifference.

Keeping her distance is pretty tough, now that Sean is the head of the family publishing company. Forced into close contact, denying her long-suppressed attraction is getting harder by the day.

As Sydney grew from a shy, sweet teen to a mind-numbing beauty, Sean could only stand by and watch, his father’s warning ringing in his ears. Hands off.

But now they’re both adults. And it won’t be long before he ends one of their daily, nose-to-nose office arguments by just hauling off and kissing her.

Cue the snow, some close dancing, and a steaming Jacuzzi in a mountain cabin, and things take a turn for the hot and steamy. But giving in to temptation could mean one of them can never go home again… 
Product Warnings
Lesson in How to Make a Man Stand Up and Take Notice: take one tight red sweater, add some sexy two-stepping with a few hot cowboys, rub, twirl, wiggle and…stand back and let the pissing contest begin. 

Release date 3/27
Last CallWhen sparks flare, stop, drop and roll with it.

When Eric Layton lunges for his ringing cell phone in the middle of the night, he’s halfway to the door before he realizes it’s not his chief summoning him to an out-of-control fire. It’s an out-of-control woman who’s too tipsy to figure out she’s dialed the wrong number. But the line goes dead before he can explain he’s not her brother.

His conscience won’t let him leave the woman to wait for a ride that’s never going to come. Yet nothing prepares him for the chemistry when he helps Joanne into his truck. She’s curvy, blonde, and vulnerable—a three-alarm warning to do the right thing and keep her at arm’s length.

Still keeping watch over her through the night sounds reasonable. Until she awakens, and desire burns reason to a crisp…

This book has been previously published.

Product Warnings
Contains explicit sex scenes that may be too hot for summer reading. Author recommends you check to make sure your air-conditioning is in working order and turned up full blast.

Release date 3/30
Trinity Bound (Redwood Pack, #3) Hannah Lewis, a rare earth witch, is taken from the only life she’s ever known. Held at her will by a sadistic wolf, she almost gives up hope that she’d ever see her real life again. But as her fellow captive, a werewolf named Reed, tries to calm her fears, she begins to feel a spark of something she never thought she’d feel – love. But is Reed, alone, enough to get her out of this dark basement so she can move on with her life?

Reed Jamenson, the artist of a werewolf Pack of Alpha males, knows instinctually that Hannah is his mate. Thus, despite their imprisonment, he will do all to protect her and then worry about their hearts. But is he strong enough to find a way for both of them to escape? And why does he feel as though something else is missing?

Josh Kolb, an ex-military human, stumbles upon Reed and Hannah and finds he must trust this new world of supernatural beings to survive. But that desire will lead the three to a triangle of attraction that will test the boundaries they all possess and its consequences in defeating the enemy. Can they all trust one another to save themselves and life as they know it? Even at the cost of their own hearts?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Talking with Heidi and Ava from The Cottage in the Woods

I have been very lucky to get an interview with Heidi and Ava from 

This is Lucy's newest release that came out Feb. 22 from Resplendence Publishing.

Hi Heidi and Ava thank you for allowing me to interview you.

Dawn - Heidi I know many readers are wondering, what are you doing out there in the woods all by yourself?

Heidi - I inherited the house from my grandmother. I spent a lot of time there as a child, and as her only grandchild, she left it to me. I love the place so much that even though it's so remote, I couldn't bring myself to sell it – so I moved in. I was looking for a place to live, anyway, so it was a win-win situation. Sure, it's quiet, but I love it. And of course, I now have company ;)

Dawn - How long have you been out there alone?

Heidi - Pretty much since all the paperwork and red tape was sorted out after my grandmother's death. So a couple of years. I've got a good truck, so I can always head back into civilisation when I need – or want – to.

Dawn - Ava how is being a shifter different from being a normal human? Have you always known you were a shifter?
Ava - Well, it means I'm always on my guard. Not everyone is as understanding of my predicament as Heidi ;) Very few humans know, just people that know me and my family really well.

I've known as long as I can remember. I don't know the exact age when my parents told me, or when I first changed, but it must have been when I was very young as I have no memory of being told. That suits me fine as it means I've had many, many years to come to terms with how different I am, and now it's just part of me and I just get on with life.

Dawn - Heidi what is the craziest thing that Ava has turned into while sleeping? Does it only happen during sleep or has it happened... ummm ahh during climactic times?

Hiedi - Ava's usual shape when she changes is a fox, so that's what she usually turns into when she's sleeping. The thing is, she normally wakes up before me anyway, so I've only spotted a fox in my bed a couple of times – in the literal sense, I mean. Ava's always a fox to me! ;)

And, no, Ava only changes either at will or during sleep. Which is damn lucky, really, because as cute as Ava's fox form is, bestiality is definitely not my thing!

Dawn - Is this the first Female/Female relationship for the two of you?
Heidi - I had several dalliances with girls at University, and one relationship that I thought was serious – until it was over. Other than that I've pretty much been alone – as I'm sure you can imagine, it's pretty difficult meeting people living out here! Thank god Ava came along, is all I can say!

I've been with a couple of guys, but it wasn't until I actually sat down and thought about why they didn't really drive me crazy like they did the other girls, that I realised perhaps I was different. Once I knew that, I took no notice of guys at all and began to embrace my new-found sexuality – and that's when I knew that girls definitely did drive me crazy. Especially this one *points to Ava*

Ava - Unlike Heidi, I've always known I was a lesbian. But although I've slept with other girls, I've never had any serious relationships, but this is more down to the fact that I'm a shifter than a lesbian. Like I said before, not everyone is as open-minded as Heidi!

Dawn - What is it that attracted you to each other?

Heidi - Um... have you seen her?! I thought she was hot as soon as I met her. The sexual attraction was instant, but then when I got to know Ava better, I knew it was about more than just sex for me – and thankfully, the feeling was mutual.

Ava - Well, if you've read our story, you'll know that I've known Heidi much longer than she's known me. I was initially attracted to her kindness and her love for nature, and that attraction grew and grew and then circumstances meant that we met while I was in human form, and the rest is history!

Dawn - Is there anything you'd like your readers to know about you or your author?

If you want to know more about us, you should definitely check out The Cottage in the Woods. Lucy would be delighted if you bought a copy of the book, and especially if you happened to put a review online for it! ;) You can read more about it here: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/the-cottage-in-the-woods/

Lucy Felthouse You can also find more information about Lucy and her other books on her website, http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk. She also spends lots of time on Twitter and Facebook, and has her own monthly newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9

Thank you so much for talking to us, and please stop by any time.

Thank you ladies for talking with and I hope my readers stop by cause I know I enjoyed your story very much.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Skye Warren ~ Trust in Me ~ Contest


Mia longs for the daily torture to end, but one last task keeps her holding on. In a betrayal of the crime lord who pulled her from the gutter, she’ll free the shipment of human cargo, and if she’s lucky, die in the process. The alternative is unfathomable, even to a woman well-versed in erotic torture. But luck abandons her yet again when she meets the security expert in charge of the shipment and finds herself face to face with her childhood crush. The man she once begged for help. The man who failed her.

Tyler Martinez is an undercover FBI agent with one chance to right the wrongs of his past. Thrust deep into the seedy world of human trafficking, he must put aside his guilt over abandoning Mia all those years ago in order to save her now.

Someone’s pulling the strings in this sadistic play on trust, but Tyler and Mia may not live long enough to see the curtain fall. Trust in Me is a story of erotic pain and incipient romance, spiraling ever faster toward betrayal or redemption.

This book contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and sex. It also depicts abuse and captivity situations. Not appropriate for anyone uncomfortable with these situations or anyone under the age of eighteen. This is a work of fiction.


To start this review I want say the the cover of this book is one of the most beautiful covers of 2012 so far, for me and the blurb peeked my interest so strongly that I put everything else aside to read it.

I know most people refrain from reading non-consent books or books with disturbing scenes. While it can be unsettling or worrisome, Skye Warren has done a fantastic job of showing us how something so tragic can turn into something so beautifully wonderful.

This 128 page story had me in its grips the entire time! So much drama and torture. My heart was turned in on itself and I cried for Mia. This is a story of a tortured girl, starting from when she was a young girl and carrying on into her adulthood. Once, when she was young, she thought she had a savior in a young neighbor boy, Tyler, but sadly they were both too young and circumstances inhibited him from helping her.

Now, ten years later, she is a whore and in the service of an evil man, Carlos. She never thought she’d see him again, but in walks Tyler and her whole world is thrown into a whirlwind of emotions; frightened for her life, as well as his and many others’, she agrees to help the FBI take down Carlos and his slave trafficking ring.

Like I have said earlier in this review – this book is not for those faint of heart, I went in knowing this and I am so happy I read it. Skye Warren has an amazing voice and her characters call to you. This great story kept me guessing is he good, or is he not. FANTASTIC JOB!! I will be looking for more from Skye.

This is book #2 in the non-consent series and the first book I read. I normally do not read out of order but I am happy to say that I was never confused and she did a tremendous job telling the story. So do not worry…this can be read as a stand alone book with no problem and you will not feel like you are missing out on anything!

I say read this! Push your reading limits, you never know if you'll love it, like it, or hate it, unless you try. Oh and for those who want to know does it have a HEA…yes it does ;)

Did you enter yesterday's contest to win a copy of  Keep Me Safe, book one in the Non-consent series? 

If you didn't, do it now and enter this contest as well to win a copy of Trust In Me, book two in the Non-consent series! 

Yep you read it right Ms. Skye Warren has offered up one copy of each book in this series. Both winners will be announce on April 1st.

So my question(s) today is... 

Do you re member the first Erotic book you read? What was it and what kind of an impact did it make on you?

To find out more about Skye Warren:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How edgy do you like your books?

Do you like Dark Erotica?  

Definition of DARK
a : devoid or partially devoid of light : not receiving, reflecting, transmitting, or radiating light
a : arising from or showing evil traits or desires : lacking knowledge or culture : relating to grim or depressing circumstances

Definition of EROTICA
: literary or artistic works having an erotic theme or quality
: depictions of things erotic

When finding my love for reading three years ago I tended to stay within the Contemporary, YA, and True Crime realm, but once I got my Kindle I branched out into the wonderful world of Erotic Romance thanks to "Kindle freebies" and author R.G. Alexander. Once I read my first book I was addicted and needed more.  I found some amazing authors in the Erotic Romance genre then I came across a free read that disturbed me in may ways and when I say disturbed me I mean that I was taken back by how much I enjoyed the book even though it contained some very extreme content such as: non-consent, torture, and humiliation. I know that these things are limits for some people, but the authors writing drew me in so deeply I couldn't stop even if I wanted too.

Since then I have found a few other authors that have really excelled in this Dark Erotic genre. I recently came across a new author when I won a book (Below the Belt) off of Jenna Jaxon's blog by author Skye Warren.

Below The BeltBlack belt Abe Montgomery is focused on winning gold. But at nationals, Abe meets Paris, a beautiful, mysterious woman. Paris Rivera has sworn off men and martial arts. Her black belt cost her more than years of dedication and sweat. The fight of Abe’s life looms ahead, with his dreams of owning a school and his future with Paris hanging in the balance. He may dominate on the mats, but he’s fallen hard for her. When the time comes for them to part, he may not be able to let go.

BELOW THE BELT is a 30,000 word novella of erotic romance featuring explicit sex and graphic language. Not for those under 18 years of age or those uncomfortable with the subject matter.


While this book looked intriguing I have not gotten to it yet, but when Skye Warren sent me a copy of her newest book Trust in Me (released Feb. 14, 2012) I couldn't help but put everything I was working on aside and read all 125 amazing pages of it. It's dark, gritty, disturbing, and amazingly fantastic!
I jumped into this book not realizing it was book 2 of a series,  Non-consent series. Ms. Skye Warren has done such a terrific job setting these books that I was able to follow the story all the way through. I didn't even realize it was book 2 until I finished and scanned her Amazon  profile to download more of her books.

So for those of you like me that prefer to read a series from the beginning this is book #1


Keep Me Safe
When Rachel is abducted by a group of thugs, one man steps in. Zachary wants her for himself, and she has no choice but to trust this stranger to keep her safe. When danger strikes again, Rachel's body may endure the pain, but will their tenuous bond survive the abuse?

This book contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and disturbing situations. Please don’t read this book if that makes you uncomfortable or offends you. For ages 18+ only.

 I'm giving away a copy of  Keep Me Safe to one lucky commenter. All you have to do is answer my question:
 Have you ever read Dark Erotica before? What do you think?

I will choose a winner from the comments on next Sunday April 1st. Be sure to include you email so that I may contact you when you win. Good luck and happy reading.

Stop back by tomorrow for my review of Trust in Me by Skye Warren.Plus there will be another contest to win a copy of book #2, so don't miss it!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lure of Forever ~ Doris O'Connor ~ Contest

Today we have Doris O'Connor here with us. Doris has published several books with multiple publishers such as Noble Romance, Evernight, and Breathless Press. Her latest release Lure of Forever is book 2 in the Lure series with Evernight Publishing.

How to snare a vampire by Doris O'Connor
That is one question I asked myself, when I set about creating the perfect mate for my ancient and cynical vampire. Lucas has been around for over three thousand years. He's seen it all, and not much impresses him anymore. Add to that the fact that he is rather distracted by chasing an escaped demon who threatens the whole of humankind, and it would need someone pretty special to thaw out that old heart of his.
Enter Coralie—she stumbles onto the wrong boat and into Lucas' arms. What piques his interest and infuriates him in equal measures is her reaction to him. Coralie does not believe in magic or anything that goes bump in the night, so she's not at all impressed at what she sees as his vampire act.
Badly hurt by the men in her life in the past, she doesn't trust easily, and besides, men are never as good as they think they are, so why bother? That's what dildos were invented for, after all.
I loved writing Coralie. She is sassy and vulnerable, passionate, yet reserved, and above all incredibly loyal. She challenges Lucas at every turn, and is not afraid to admit when she's wrong. And considering she is flung into a world, she previously thought only existed in novels, she copes pretty darn well.
Lucas doesn't stand a chance really…

He didn't do emotions, for fuck's sake. What was wrong with him? Damn Ion and Marnie and their happily ever after. Good for them, but he most fucking definitely didn't need one, and why this little human made him think of that was completely beyond him.
He glanced across to her now. Sat curled up on the seat, her head resting against the window, arms folded around herself. She was a study in concentration. His fingers itched to rub away the worry line between her eyebrows. She had been full of questions when she re-emerged from his bedroom––questions he'd fended off as best he could, without scaring her witless or giving too much away, mindful of the fact that he still couldn't reach her mind.
That had to be the reason for his interest in her. Well, that and the fact that he'd been too busy investigating the spate of murders across Europe to sate his body's demands in a willing female. Murders that had grown more and more brutal and careless, finally sparking the council's interest and his involvement.  The news that Jacomo had indeed escaped the demon realm and was now stalking Lucas's neighborhood had been terrifying. There were too many people he cared about here. Ion's pack was on full alert after a thwarted attack on one of their females, a human/shifter hybrid.  Louisa was recovering slowly, but it had shaken everyone up. And now this little human had not only interrupted their meeting, but Jacomo had once again slipped his grasp.
Images of Coralie in Jacomo's leathery hands had him swearing under his breath.
"Are you okay?" Her soft hand on his thigh and the concern he saw in her eyes meant his voice was gruffer than he intended it to be.
"You have no idea how fucking close you came to being slaughtered tonight. What were you thinking, coming out dressed like that to a remote location?"
Her eyes widened in horror and he regretted his harsh words immediately.
"I told you. I was standing in for Jerry and I'm worried enough about what she chooses to do for a living without that reminder and your chauvinistic attitude. If men didn't get a kick out of seeing women prance around half-naked, she wouldn't need to. Don't tell me you didn't get a hard-on seeing me in that get up…" Her voice trailed off. Crimson stained her cheeks and she slammed her hand on her mouth. "I… I… oh, shit."
Amusement bubbled through him, even as his dick reminded him forcefully that he didn't need her half-naked. Imagining what she was hiding under the sensible clothes she now wore, her feet bare after she’d thrown off her ruined boots in disgust earlier, was even more of a turn-on.
"I'm sure half of the men in that room had that reaction, Chere, but that's not the point."
"I doubt that somehow." She shook her head and glared at him. "And even if they did, I'm not interested."
"You're not interested in men?" His voice rose higher than normal at that incredulous thought. "Not at all?" Relief flooded him when she laughed.
"Typical. I say I'm not interested and you immediately assume I must swing for the other side.  I just have no wish to get involved with any of you. It never ends well, and newsflash, you're never as good as you think you are, so why bother?"
The words were brave, but he sensed the hint of vulnerability behind them. Some sorry excuse of a human male had hurt her badly. If he found the bastard, he would have great fun draining the scum. Some of his murderous thoughts must have shown on his face. She frowned at him, and renewed anxiety poured off her in waves.
Way to go, Lucas.
Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he flashed the killer smile that normally made women swoon. Not Coralie, though, his only reward a mumbled, "Spare me," before she resolutely stared out the window. Had it not been for her shallow breathing and the nervous way she kept interlinking her fingers, he'd have thought he was losing his touch.
Hmmm, Lucas is not the only one fooling himself.

Lure Of Forever (Lure Series, 2)
Book Blurb:
You'd think a three thousand year old vampire would believe in forever. Not Lucas. He has an escaped demon to hunt and no time for the follies of humankind. When strip-o-gram Coralie arrives on his boat, she awakens human instincts long buried, and protecting her becomes of paramount importance.

Coralie, standing in for a friend, is mortally embarrassed at having stumbled onto the wrong boat. The vampire wannabe she encounters makes her body sing in ways she never thought possible. Finding out that he is indeed the real thing throws everything she ever believed in into doubt.

With the demon closing in and the future of humanity in peril will they manage to find their forever?

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Author bio
Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to baby and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.

There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her sexy Alpha heroes and sassy heroines tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps. She writes contemporary, erotic and paranormal romance.

German born, Doris now resides in the middle of a busy town in Bedfordshire/England and dreams of a nice big house by the sea, with plenty of space to run kids and dogs and let her imagination soar.

Find Doris on the web here:

If you'd like to be in with a chance to win a copy of Lure Of Forever, just leave a comment. I will be picking three winners at the end of my blog tour.  Every time you comment on one of my stops, you will get another entry into the draw.