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I am an Obsessed reader of Paranormal Romance and Erotica. Love to be taken away from the real world into the amazing world of reading.

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DDBR Reviewers

Looking to get your book reviewed? We would love to read it :)  We read a variety of genres and heat levels. Right now, we are booked out for about one - two months but we are always taking requests.

We have six reviewers and several guest reviewers that stop by. Basically we will read anything with romance.

Dawn - I read Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Historical/Regency, Dark Erotica, Sci-Fi, Suspense, BDSM, and I'm always looking for something new.

 Lola reads Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Suspense, Military Romance, BDSM, YA, and Erotica.

Phuong reads Contemporary Romance, Erotica, BDSM,  and  Paranormal Romance.

CaseyLu reads Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Historical/Regency, Dark Erotica, Sci-Fi, Suspense, and BDSM.

Kennedria reads Cowboys, Men in Uniform, Contemporary Romance, and Erotic. Romance

Ruby reads Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance.

Please understand that by submitting your request, it does not mean your book will be reviewed. There are times when we simply can not get into a book. If that happens or if we feel we can't give you a positive review, we will let you know.

We are always happy to do interviews, contests, giveaways, and guest spots.  Please contact me if you are interested. 


Hello! Let me introduce myself... I'm Dawn and I run Day Dreaming Book Reviews and Book It Tours. I started blogging about two years ago as a way to keep track of my books I read.  I'm a fairly new reader as I just started reading about four years ago after being ask to read Twilight by my nieces. Once I ended that series I was dying for more to read. That Christmas I was given a Kindle and my love for Erotic Romance was started. I  can say that RG Alexander changed my life and they way I read. 
That year I went to my first Romantic Time convention and met so many amazing people. Reader, Bloggers, and Authors  they were all so welcoming and friendly I knew I wanted to be around them forever. So I left there with my first review copy and threat from Jess Dee telling me I had to start blogging - THANK YOU Jess!
So now I review, blog, go to as many Cons a year as I can, Tweet, Facebook, and have even opened up a little business with a friend doing book tours for authors and virtual assistance (Book It Tours) as well. 

My reading tastes have grown over the years. I read sweet YA to adorable Contemporary Romance, to hot Erotic Romance to let's get down and dirty Erotica, to some very extreme content. I love it all! 

Some of my favorites are:
Rg Alexander, Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin, JR Ward, Larissa Ione, CJ Roberts, Erin Nicholas, Kelly Jamieson, Cherise Sinclair, Nalini Singh, Cari Quinn, and Carrie Ann Ryan


Lola Loves Books

Is a very busy mom of two teen-agers one Boy and one girl. She works from home as a medical transcriptionist for a very demanding company. Lola likes relaxing pool side with her Kindle, kids, hubby, and animals. She reads about 5-8 books a month and is always looking for new authors. If you have any suggestions, let her know.

Some of her favorites are:

Lara Adrian, JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Terry Brooks, Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin, Nicholas Sparks, Taylor Stevens



So. Cal most her life Phuong spends most of her behind a desk crunching numbers and spends most her nights under the covers with hot men - in romance books, the steamier the better.

Some of Phuong's favorite authors are:
Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon, Jess Dee, Rhian Cahill, Lexxie Couper and Mia Watts just to name a few.



CaseyLu is a 31 years old addicted to books and movies. She is a self proclaimed addict that just can't seem to get enough. 

Being a born and raised Louisianan Cajun girl CaseyLu likes her books, food, and men hot and spicy (and yes she can cook too).

Some of CaseyLu's favorite authors are:
EdenBradley, Mari Carr, and Jayne Rylon

If you have any author or book suggestions for CaseyLu let her know she is always looking to add more to her favorites.



Kennedia is a 36 year old Canadian woman who works full time as an Administrative Assistant by day and picking up after her husband and two sons by night. 

Kennedia has been an avid reader since she was a little girl of seven devouring Nancy Drew and Choose Your Own Adventures.  Today, she can't get enough romance and erotica with some of her favorite authors being Jayne Rylon, Maya Banks and Shayla Black to name only a few.  Kennedia likes her books to have cowboys, men in uniform and strong alpha males with a tendency to dominate.  She likes her romance to be somewhat real so she tends to stay away from the paranormal and sci-fi genres and consumes contemporary and historical romances voraciously.


 My name is Jennifer and I have the perfect job for a reader like me; I work at my local Library! I love to read! I read just about everything fiction, from kids chapter books (so I know who my nieces are talking about, Ha!) to the teen books I order for the library to the romance, mysteries, and the erotic fiction I have grown to adore. My first erotic adventure began with Lora Leighs' Men of August.

My favorite authors include Laurell K Hamilton, J.R. Ward, Dean Koontz, Lora Leigh, Lia Davis, Christine Warren, J. D. Robb/Nora Roberts, Chloe Neill, Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, to name a few.


~Guest Reviewers~

Kat: The Book Tart

Hi. My name is Kat, and I am a bookaholic. I love reading, I love stories, I love books and most of all, I love reading romance. I collect books. I like to own them so I can re-read my favorites when they mood strikes me. I have scads of books, thousands… I’m not sure of the exact number. it’s on my to do list. I want to catalog all my physical books so I stop buying duplicates (which I do with embarrassing frequency!) The notion to catalog my collection came to me a few years ago… and though I haven’t made much progress on that front- I decided as long as I was hiring a web designer to help make my book collection database look nice, why not ask them to work on a project I’d began dreaming about. And that’s how The Book Tart came to be.
Click her for her full profile.

For more about The Book Tart:

Mrs. Missive:

Mrs. Missive


I'm Mrs. Missive, but you can call me Mrs. I got my first Kindle ereader in 2009. I somehow convinced my husband that I would unearth our home from the piles of books I was collecting. Heh. My bookshelf is groaning that that big ol' lie.

I have always read romance novels, but then I read a little story called Babysitting the Baumgartners by Selena Kitt. Well, lets just say, after that bit of hormone electrocution, I jumped on the Erotic Romance train and haven't looked back since. I started a little group on Goodreads after a bunch of like-minded folks agreed we needed to jump the Amazon forum ship and deflect somewhere else. Kindle Smut was started, and through the amazing ladies there, Mrs. Missive, the Supersmut Siren was born. She's my alter-ego, who is desperately trying to take over.

I have traveled to places I wouldn't have, and met some fantastic people, authors included, through cyberspace, and it's all due to Erotic Romance. I started reviewing last year to basically keep track of what I read. I mean...let's be honest, how many of you have bought the same book multiple times? It's even worse when you realize it was one you hated!

I like to laugh, and I love to see humor coming through in the authors I read. My all time favorite, fangirl squeal-inducing authors are Sophie Oak and Mary Hughes. These women have inspired me and kept me sane through their writing. They help me escape reality. I am always in search of the next author to inspire me to attack my husband for a mid-afternoon boink in the laundry room. So I love reading new and undiscovered authors. I hope I can bring a smile to your face through a review, and introduce you to someone who will make you squeal too.

Those of you who follow my blog might remember a very memorable person who commented on an Erin Nicholas post (CLICK HERE) back in May. Anyway he (yes I said "HE") made such an impression with his comments I had to contact him and see if he might be interested in an interview or even possibly reviewing for me.

Buddha (that's his name) is a very funny man, it was great talking to him. I mean how many men admit they like romance books? And how many can actually hold a conversation about them? it was GREAT and when I asked if he'd be interested in reviewing he said "yes". So we discussed books and what he might like and Ann Mayburn came to mind, I love this women and I love to spread the word about her, he likes the demon aspect so this was perfect! 

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