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Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Computers = more Kindle time

Just got my computer back after being away in the shop for almost a month! Damn I hate people who don't work fast and efficient. Well without my computer I have been going Kindle crazy. I have done nothing but read books for the past three weeks :). Right now I'm finishing Hot Night's dark desires by Eden Bradley (one of my favs). She can set a very hot scene mmmmmm.... This story is about Tristan (a tattoo artist in New Orleans) and Sophie a quite, paranormal writer). Sophie gets talked into going to sit with her friend during her friends tattoo. When there Sophie is intrigued by the tantalizing tattoo artist and can't help herself after watching him tattoo her friend she decides to get one herself. When he touches her things spark between them and she needs more so goes back and things begin to change feelings and emotions begin to rise and she doesn't understand whats happening. Neither of Tristan and Sophie are sure what to do about these feelings of desire rising in them. They realize that they need each other more then they thought and no matter their issues. Great Book and hot scenes.

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