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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rev those engines ladies, it's Jayne Rylon time!

MUSTANG SALLY by Jayne Rylon

Book two, Hot Rods series

Two men will give her the ride of her life.

Salome “Sally” Rider is flooring the gas pedal of her pink ’69 Mustang, desperate to outrun the memory of two of her fellow mechanics getting busy with some bar skank on the hood of a classic car. On her custom paint job.

For years her emotions have withered while her lost boys, her Hot Rods, have grown closer than brothers. Maybe some downtime with the Powertools sexperts will help her figure out why Eli and Alanso went looking for some stranger when Sally was waiting right at the ends of their grease-smudged noses.

Sally is dead wrong about what she thought she saw, and Eli “King Cobra” London and the rest of the thoroughly rattled Hot Rods are determined to prove it. They’ll show her in the sexiest possible way that she’s not merely an interchangeable part in their well-oiled machine.

Yet just as Eli gets up the nerve to make a very indecent proposal, a ghost rises from her painful past. Threatening to slam the brakes on their future before they can get it in gear.

Product Warnings:
A sexy car wash complete with lots of studs may not be enough to clean up the pages filled with massive ménage scenes starring extra-dirty mechanics.


OMG! I loved, loved reading Mustang Sally by the amazing Jayne Rylon, who I can't get enough of! This story was smokin' hot, full of passion and angst and I enjoyed every minute of the ride. It was full throttle all the way! 

In this story, we see Eli aka King Cobra and Alanso more at ease in their relationship as a couple as they prepare to take the next step with their other love, Mustang Sally. Sally runs away after a misunderstanding and seeks advice from the Powertool Crew on her relationship with Eli and Alanso. I really like the way Jayne has incorporated these past characters into this new series and making it work. I have loved revisiting with them and once again, they showed why they are so much fun. 

I really liked Sally who was a strong, passionate heroine who knew what she wanted, which was Eli and Alanso as well as the other Hot Rods. We learn more of Sally's past and the secret that she harbors and must overcome if she wants a future with her guys. 
I enjoyed her "father/daughter" relationship with Tom and that she's not afraid to seek his help.

It was nice to see Sally's friendship with all the others. I had fun watching her torture and bring the Hot Rods to their knees and out of their pants. LOL! The sex scenes were so hot that they scorched the pages. It was great to see more character development of the other Hot Rods and their interaction with each other. I cannot wait to read more about them as they get their own stories and find their true love while still keeping the bond they share with one another. 

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