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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tag Teaming Eden Bradley!

 Today Lola and I will be tag teaming Eden Bradley. 
In a review of course, you dirty minded people. 
We are reviewing her newest book Rogue, just released Sunday.
Rogue is the first book in the Midnight Playground: International series. 

He will pay with pain and pleasure for his crimes...

Madrid, 2069

He is Rogue.

He has known no other life, no other name. Turned at the tender age of nineteen on the dark streets of London, he wanders Europe, angry and rebellious, haunted by the crime that has followed him for over a century. Always alone.

He is Ramsey. 

Member of the Vampire Council, all he has are his memories of dazzling grief and unrelenting pain--his only respite blood and sex. Until a young rogue vampire poaches in his territory...

Irrevocably drawn to each other, the head of Madrid's Midnight Playground and the rebel from nowhere will find passion in each other's arms...and discover a dangerous secret that could change both their worlds forever. 

WARNING: Savage, merciless and beautiful m/m vampire sex. Blood and pain, pain and pleasure. Shining fangs and vicious murder. The infamous and dangerous Capture Gardens. Did I mention hot, kinky vampire sex?

Review ~  by Dawn

Whats in a name? That which we call A Rogue by any other name would taste as sweet.

Rogue by Eden Bradley is a deliciously erotic tale of a rogue vampire defying the rules of the Vampire Council only for the elation of it. But there are consequences when you defy those who are stronger, older, more wickedly devious than one's self.

Caught with no where to go, Rogue plies those around him with his wit, snark, and sexual prowess. He is beautiful, daring, and alluring. But that is not all, he is a mystery as well.

While there are those on the council who would love to see him eradicated, Ramsey (head of the Vampire Council) would like to see him bound - at his mercy - submitting to him.

This is a sensually arousing tale of two broken men brought together by passion, sex, and blood. There is mystery to be solved, passion to be had, and things get even curiouser and curiouser as the story builds.

Great introduction to the Vampire Council and this new spin off series, Midnight Playground: International. I have already fallen for several of the council and can't wait to see where Eden Bradley takes us next.


His entire being itched to feel their innocent struggle beneath his hands.

He whispered against his ear, “I’m going to hurt you rather badly.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Ask for it, Amon. Let me know your desires.”
“I want it, Sir. I want you to beat me. Until I beg. Until I bleed for you. This is something I need. Need. Please.”

(I love that Eden can make me crave more from a secondary character! I want Amon!)

Review~ by LolaLovesBooks

Prepare yourself for an exquisitely written tale of two vampiric men brought to their knees by one another—Join them as smoldering seduction ignites into a fiery passion that bursts into a controlled, steady blaze.

How true to his name would he be had he simply walked through the front doors of Palacio de Crista–the Crystal Palace? How lonely in life would he remain had he not? Regardless of his very nature granting access to any of Europe’s Midnight Playground clubs, Rogue remains true to his name and chooses to gain entry by jumping the wall instead. To him it is a game… Tempting, forbidden, thrilling.

He is impossibly beautiful, young and cocksure—all of which catches the eye of Ramsey, not only the head of Palacio de Crista, but member of the Council as well.  What are they to do about this rogue vampire with no regard to following rules? After many suggestions, including death, his punishment is decided. He must participate in a game of the Council’s choosing this time. A game of humiliation, powerlessness, and finally submission to Ramsey for all to witness.

Both Rogue and Ramsey are blasted by instant emotions thrust upon them at first sight, struggle with emotions that intensify with each encounter, and all while what was once only a rumor is a now verifiable threat to their race.  The account of their pasts, deep-seated promises and ensuing inner battles to let it all go are each masterfully spun into this tale, one which I thoroughly enjoyed and can’t wait to read more about.

I’m definitely ready for Chiara’s story.  She’s so wicked I just have to know more about her… Maybe in another Midnight Playground Series: International installment?  I will bow at your stilettos, waiting patiently, Miss Eden.

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