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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kindle Crazy....

My Kindle is my Obsession. I bought the first Kindle last year in August as a gift for my mother and paid $299 for it. I started playing with hers and relized I MUST have one so I then got another in December for $259. Now I'm looking to buy another for my sister, the new granite one $139. Damn Amazon makes bank on me - lol.
Very thankful for the freebies and the many wedsites out there from authors and publishers that offer their freebies as well. One of the sites I like the most so far is Smashwords.com it's a grear resource for up n coming authors as weel as some good free reads from authors that I love already - Jaz cassidy, Selena Kitt, Colleen Gleason, and Maya Banks just to name a few.
Since I got my Kindle in December I have devoured over 275 books as of this week. My goal is to try and reach 350 books by the end of the year. I am always looks for new authors to read. I have a love for paranormal romance, erotica, and comedy romance (a little). Well best of luchk with your reads. I'm off to read Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica, Book 4) by Larissa Ione.

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  1. I couldn't live without my ereader anymore! It's not a Kindle but a Sony ereader (the Kindle is not very popular in our country). It's the best investment I've ever made! :)
    I find myself hardly reading any dead tree books anymore... which is why it's so frustrating that I can't buy the rest of the Demonica series as an ebook anymore due to new geographical restrictions. Maybe I should consider purchasing the paperbacks...