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Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm having a Love/ Hate relatioship with my computer

I was so exciting in finding blogger and all these wonderful blogs that I thought I made to make one for me as well to talk about books and other interests with people that wouldn't judge me about my tastes :) BUT wouldn't you know it as soon as I get started and excited about it my computer takes a bust! DAMN - Thankfully Ive found my old laptop and what do you know it still works - Thank gods- hopefully the computer guy can fix my baby and then I can play more.
Even though my computer was down I still kept up the reading frenzy and boy did I find some juicy shorties. Ill post the new stories and a quick review of them.


  1. I sympathize with you. I had major computer problems a couple of months ago. Luckily I had the extended warranty and Apple replaced my iMac with a brand new one. Yay!


  2. Thanks for the sympathy. I'm not a huge Apple fan but I've been thinking about checking out the new Mac's they look nice n I've heard great things.