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Friday, May 13, 2011

ABC News = What Would You Do?

WOW - That's all I can say after watching tonight's 5/13, ABC News -Primetime's "What Would You Do" episode. Tonight a few topics hit home for me. The first scenario got to me a personal level, but let me explain. I have no children due to a personal complication, because of this hubby and I have discussed the option of adoption or surrogacy .
This scenario has a pregnant female meeting a couple in a public restaurant to show them sonogram pictures of there soon to be baby. She then proceeds to tell them she needs $3000.00, they give her the money and leave. A short while later another couples shows and the same performance takes place, with the exception of the pregnant women excusing herself to use the bathroom.
Now the question purpose to you is, if you are witness to this would you tell the couple what you have witnessed???

For me = I would stand up and scream it!! I cried watching part cause I know the hardship people feel to even get to that point, let alone being conned.

The next scene is in 2 parts -

1st - If a 15 yr. old boy approached you in a drugstore and asked you to buy him condoms (because his mom and pharmacist were friends), would you do it?

For me = I would do it. I feel even if his mom didn't know the pharmacists, I would do it for him because it's the point of him taking the steps to get the protection. Now that's not to say he wouldn't get a lecture along with it. As well as the number to the local clinic!

2nd = If a 15 yr. old girl approached you in a drug store and told you she had unprotected sex and needs to get a Plan B pill but because her mom and pharmacist are friends she is afraid to do it. Would you get it for her?

For me = This is hard for me. My mom was a teenage parent and made the decision to keep me, but that' not right for everyone. People and kids make mistakes, should a child have to pay for that? NO! It would be hard but I would do it and again she would be getting a lecture and the number to the local clinic.

This is a great show that ABC has developed it really makes you want to stand up for other people and yourself and do something, say something, or help in anyway.
It also shows you how many people "don't want to get involved". The amount of people that feel this way is staggering! We need to look out for one another. There are way to many scammers, abusers, and nasty people out there not too. So be pro-active and beware of what's going on around you.
Go check it out!!

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