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Sunday, May 22, 2011


It's now officially midnight PST and the rapture has failed to materialize as predicted by an Oakland-based evangelical broadcaster - Harold Camping, who warned that each time zone would experience cataclysmic events Saturday at 6 p.m.
Campings worldwide $100-million campaign of caravans and billboards had his followers selling off their belongings and ready to be raptured, yeah they'll be waiting awhile. Camping made this same perdition back in 1994 and his excuse then was he miscalculated the math. Wonder what it will be this time.
While there was no "rapture" there were a couple earthquakes that happened. New Zealand had a magnitude 6.1 earthquake that struck near a group of South Pacific islands and oddily enough A magnitude 3.6 earthquake struck Contra Costa County at 7:04 pm. This quake could be felt 13 miles away in Oakland, where Camping's Family Radio's headquarters are. Harold Camping, predicted the end of the world would be Saturday May 21, 2011 starting with a series of earthquakes from New Zealand to the Bay Area.
What did you do for "Rapture" Day? Did you go to or host a "Rapture" party? Did you enjoy some special time with loved ones? Or did you just go about your day like any other day?

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  1. Gotta give Camping props for predicting the earthquakes...even if nothing else turned out quite the way he'd planned. Way to save face. lol!