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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Down Under Divas

Do you know who these ladies are?
Well let me help you out:
About the Divas

The Down Under Divas – Flirty, Dirty and Dangerous or as our husbands would call us Down Under Sheilas – Shitty, Bitchy and Dangerously Premenstrual. *grin*
The Down Under Divas write sinfully wild, wickedly hot, deeply sensual erotic romances. We’re all multipublished; we’re all Aussies (one via South Africa) and we’re all madly in love with our husbands (what better way to know the world of romance, than to live in one, yes?)

I met these ladies at RT and wow were they fun. They got things started for me, first night there prior to RT even starting. My friends had noticed a Facebook post say something about Rhian and Lexxie hanging out at the bar area "being mellow". Needless to say we threw on our clothes and ran down to the bar area to get a peak. When we got there Rhian Cahill and Lexxie Couper were sitting in a corner relaxing. It was so exciting to meet them. They were both so welcoming. They even gave us a twitter lesson!! (Thanks for the new addiction by the way).
During that week I got to have fun and hang out with them, they are all such amazingly funny ladies, who I can't wait to see again,  at RT 2012 in Chicago.

Over the next week or so I will go over a little info about about each of them, post pics, and give you info on their books. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. That first night was a blast! It was the perfect way to end 48 hrs of no sleep.
    Can't wait for Chicago!

  2. Aw, Dawn, you blogged about us.
    And RT was a million times better for having hung out with the four of you.

  3. Oh man, Dawn, remembering that night makes me want to do it all over again. Just be warned...we won't allow you to go to bed the first night of RT2012 before 4am ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing some of the fun, Dawn! It'll be a treat to hang out with you all virtually :)

  5. Oh thanks for posting the pic Dawn, it was the only evidence we had that we actually met Mr. Romance! Too bad he didn't take off his shirt though :) Sami