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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sami Lee - Down Under Divas -Contest Continues

Sami Lee - I just love her name, it's so cute, I have a thing for boy type names for a girl. Well now that I got that out (lol), lets talk about Sami .
As you can see in her pic she is just adorable. So full of laughter and spunk. Rhian Cahill describes Sami like this "Sami is a pocket dynamo that I wish I could keep on hand for her wonderfully witty come backs. That woman cracks me up ALL the time. Plus she's cute. *grin*"
I thought Sami was the quiet and  more reserved one out of the Down Under Divas but from what I'm being told I think I may have missed judged her :)

Sami Lee is a little under the weather right now with Tonsillitis but was so kind enough to take a few minutes out and answer a few questions for us.

1. What is your favorite thing to read? 
I love to read a good rom com book, something by Jenny Crusie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Rachel Gibson.
 2. If you had to choose 5 things you couldn't live without, what would they be?
5 things I couldn't live without, hmm. Books (of course), pasta, good wine, my man (I really should say that :)) and my girls.
 3. What is the craziest thing you've ever done (that you'll admit to)?
Many years ago I bungee jumped off a bridge in New Zealand. I thought I was going to have a heart attack and die on the spot! I was told facing my fear of heights would cure it. It didn't!
4. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Probably reading erotic stories on my e-reader in public places and knowing nobody realizes what I'm reading. Then again, I don't feel that guilty about that.
 5. What would you do if you found out you only had seven days left to live?
Isaac Asimov famously said he'd type faster! But 7 days isn't long enough to write a book so I'd write letters to my girls passing on all the wisdom I've collected over the years (actually 7 days might not be long enough for that either *wink*.
 Is there anything else you'd like to tell your fans? Upcoming releases? Trips? Conventions? Contracts?
 I've had a very busy couple of years and I've only recently begun getting some serious writing done again. At the moment I'm focusing on one day at a time, one story at a time. I don't have any new release news YET but there will be some in the near future. That's a promise to myself and anyone else who has been waiting and wondering when the next Sami Lee will ever get here. Fingers crossed when it arrives it'll be good! 
Thanks for featuring me and the Divas this week Dawn. It was fantastic to meet you at RT in LA, one of the best trips of my life!

Find out more about Sami Lee, her books, and where to find her on the web.

 Sunset Stories

Late nights, lazy days and plenty of whipped cream. Come and meet the sexy chefs of idyllic Knight's Bay..

Sunset Knight - Book 2
Good things come to those who dare...

Sunset KnightLana Green is looking for a lover. At twenty-three, she’s more than ready to shed her shyness and shake up the status quo. Lucky her, the aloof bad boy she’s always wanted to shake it with, Brody Nash, is back in town. Too bad he barely knows she’s alive. Then an unexpected kiss makes her think her days of lusting from a distance are over. Despite the fact she’s no femme fatale and has zero clue how to seduce a man, she sets out to do exactly that.
 Brody hardly recognizes the alluring woman as the same gawky computer geek he left in Graceville six months ago. Lana has him spellbound, but his temporary stay in town is strictly business—running his friend’s restaurant while the man’s on his honeymoon. Brody doesn’t do relationships, and he doesn’t do permanent. But when he finds her asleep on his boat, he can’t keep his hands, or any other part of his anatomy, to himself.
Things get complicated when he discovers what he thought was a casual sexual encounter has just cured her of the one thing she wanted to get rid of—her virginity.

Chasing Sunset -Book 1
 When the sun goes down on their erotic encounter,who will be left standing?
Chasing Sunset
After an unsettled childhood, Sidney McCall has finally found a home in Graceville. This dream town comes with a dream boyfriend. Drew Buchanan is charming, romantic, completely devoted to her—and he cooks! Now if only the whole commitment thing didn’t give her night sweats…
Drew, a professional chef, wants nothing more than to give Sidney everything she’s ever dreamed of, both in and out of bed. Even if it means serving up her most secret wish complete with a whipped-cream topping: a tryst with two men. His best friend Brody Nash is the missing ingredient, and the only man he trusts with the woman he loves.
What starts out as a little harmless sexual play quickly boils over into something none of them expected. An emotional minefield that could forever change the course of their lives.

Stand Alone Books

 Fijian Fling
Can a jaded lawyer and a reformed criminal  really find true love in the tropics?

Born Again Virgin
Dumped by her boyfriend and on thin ice in her law career, Sophie Edison badly needs to re-evaluate her life. She escapes to her favourite hideaway on the tropical island of Fiji, where the attentions of the resort owner – the enigmatic and lethally sexy Dominick ‘Nick’ Dufour – prove a temptation too great to resist. Nick’s obvious desire to take her to bed is just the salve her battered confidence needs, and she embarks on an affair that leads her to unchartered waters. Before long she starts to wonder if she can ever go back to her old life.
Nick has lusted after Sophie for years. When she turns up at his secluded resort alone for the first time he wastes no time in making her his lover. Sophie is his perfect match in bed, and in the ocean and the shower… But although he might long for something more Nick knows theirs is just a holiday fling. For he is keeping the secret of his checkered past from Sophie and it could prove the ultimate deal breaker… 

Born Again Virgin
Can KD convince Kelsey they were made for each other before she marries the wrong guy?
Born Again Virgin
When she started a new life in the small town of Holly Hill, Kelsey Simmons made a vow to give up sex until she found The One. Now, finally, she has Mr. Right set firmly in her sights. She’s got the perfect plan to catch him. Trouble is, her intended target dodges cupid’s arrow and it hits Mr. Wrong smack in the rear.
KD McKinley isn’t looking for love. He’s just renovating Kelsey’s house to help out his ill stepfather. But smart and sexy Kelsey proves impossible to resist. Pretty soon, KD is reconsidering the whole white-picket-fence thing. However, his Miss Right thinks he’s all wrong and KD isn’t sure if he can convince her otherwise…

Sami Lee can be found around the web at the following places:

You can also purchase her books at:

Samhain Publishing, Amazon, and B&N

* To enter the Down Under Diva's contest follow my blog, leave a comment, and a contact email address. Best of Luck xoxo - Winner will be drawn on July 1st, 2011.


  1. Oh man, Sami sick sucks :( And yeah, Rhian is right, Sami is a pocket-rocket I soooo wish I could carry around with me. I wish I could be half as funny and sarcastic :)

  2. Sami rocks! Coolest person ever.

  3. Hi Sami,

    I just got through reading Sunset Knights and thoroughly enjoyed it. Love that you have some new stories in the works for us. Wishing you a wonderful summer.

    gfc follower
    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  4. Wow,

    I'm so glad gave notice to this blog on my yahoo group. I so loved finding about Sami.
    I'm so sorry your sick Sami.
    I enjoyed finding out more about you. You have some great sounding books. I enjoyed reading the blurbs.
    I'm looking forward in reading them.

    Thank you for participating in this wonderful interview.

    P.S. I hope you feel better Sami.

    Teresa K.

  5. Love Sami! I won a book from her a year ago, and the rest is history. I now have them all :)
    Loving the Diva's week Dawn.


  6. So glad you enjoyed Sunset Knight Caitymack! Thanks for stopping by.

    Sarcastic pocket rocket--I think I'll get T-shirts made up. With either that slogan or 'coolest person ever'. Either would work :)

    Thanks for having me on the blog Dawn!

  7. I just bought Born Again Virgin and am looking forward to reading it. Feel better soon.

    lisa gk at yahoo dot com

  8. Wow it's so nice to see so many people who've read my books in one place! Thanks everyone for your lovely comments((Hugs)).

  9. I have never read any of Sami's books. They sound really interesting. I love the colors on the covers. Thanks for introducing me to a new to me author. Now she has to be added to my wish list!

  10. Hi Sammi.

    I don't believe I have read any of your books yet, but I would love to. I love the colors and design on your blog...*S*
    I'm finding authors that I haven't had the pleasure to read by following the Smutketeers website and blog, and at Yahoo. I've started following you, and thank you for sharing a bit of yourself. I have met so many wonderfully sweet authors and its been a great experience.
    Thank you!


    pommawolf @hotmail.com

  11. Sami, I've got some of your titles on my TBR--looking forward to getting caught up! And yowza--bungeejumping?! What's with you and Jess and the heights stuff?! SO scary! (says the woman who'd be clinging to the GROUND)