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Monday, July 8, 2013

Get ready to Sin(ners) with Olivia Cunning's ~ Wicked Beat

To start this post off I have to tell you 

 Thank you to the Gods of Netgalley for this book for review. Months back when the cover for Wicked Beat came out I was urning for it and thanks to NetGalley I read it early. I'm not sure I would have been able to bear the wait.  


Do you rock to that WICKED BEAT of theirs?

If you are get ready to rock cause Olivia Cunning doesn't hold back one bit on Eric Stixx's story at all! 
If you don't know who I'm talking about... Where the hell have you been? 

*chanting* Sinners! Sinners! Sinners!

Wickedly devious, titillating, and arousing is how I would describe Wicked Beat the last installment of the Sinners series. Eric Stixx, drummer for Sinners is the last man standing. All his band mates have partner off and he is feeling the "want" to be with someone special, only Stixx has they worst track record with women.

The band has made a few changes to their crew, they have added a new FOH sound board operator to their mix, Rebekah. Rebekah is exhilarated about the chance to help her brother Dave out by filling in for him and work for her favorite band and possibly get a little closer to her rock star crush - The deviantly sexy Trey Mills.

The minute Eric sees Rebekah he is smitten with her, she's smart, daring, and she has blue hair just like him! But all Rebekah notices is Trey Mills, well at least until she tries to prove a point to Eric and winds up in a toe curling, mind scrambling kiss with him.

Rebekah is a spunky girl who wants to enjoy life after a cancer scare and what better way to do it than with a rock star adventure. After a night of voyeuristic self exploration with Eric Stixx she makes him a deal he just can't  and doesn't want to refuse.

Eric Stixx is sure that this woman, who laughs at his awful jokes, blows his mind sexually (toys, exhibitionism, voyeurism, costumes, & role playing), and who knows just how to reeve his engine is the woman he MUST have. But when Rebekah's past shows up for dinner things get a little rocky and theres even a few rolls (in the hay) that happen that change things up.

These two character are fun together, they love to explore each other, crack and laugh at bad jokes, and are very adventurous between and out of the sheets. The rest of the band is just as funny and the banter between them all kept this book funny as well as sexy. So if you're looking for that hot as hell, electrifyingly good, must have rockstar book look no further, Olivia Cunnings Sinner's series is all you need to keep you satisfied .

Mark your calendars now for this August 6th release!

Lots of great characters in these books! I spoke with Olivia briefly and squeed my love for this series but needed to know one thing.... 

Dare.... I want more from him and she told me that there will be more :D 
Happy Reading and keep on rocking!

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