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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RT 2011 Books

As you can see I will be very busy over the next few months trying to get through all these wonderful books I got from RT. All I can say is if you haven't been to a Romantic Times Convention and you are as avid a reader as I am, its a MUST!! you get to meet amazing authors that you stalk :) and others you have never heard of. Lots of fun to be had, costume parties and Mr. Romance contest, great work shops, and fun games to play with your authors. Next year it's in Chicago I'm really hoping to go again. The cost might scare some but let me tell you you get it in books!! I have in this pic 115 books and I only bought one book while I was there. can you guess by who?? I wonder ... I bought Wasteland series in Print by the fabulous Smutketeers - Eden Bradley, RG Alexander, Crystal Jordan, and Lily Feisty - (before Karen Erickson joined the group- but got to met her at RT n she is wonderful as well, check out her newest book Fallen - WOW!!) So like I said if you haven't been go you ll love it :)

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