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Saturday, April 23, 2011

SL Carpenter & Nathalie Gray/ Kanaxa

These two characters were so much fun. While running from place to place or workshop to workshop I was sure to pass or run into of these talented authors/cover artists.
I first met Scott while in line to register, he just so happened to be standing behind me and we started chatting and I think I scared him with my stun gun :) Later that night I ran into him again a the hotel club "Suede". I couldn't help but tease him and we quickly became friends. He actual gave me my first ever Virgin Pin. He later said I was no Virgin :) - Thanks Scott, and remember how Virginal can I be if I've been deemed a Smutkedette & Naughty Bitt.
I met Nathalie Gray/ Kanaxa on the first day of RT and I'm not exactly sure which workshop it was in but I do remember our first conversation :) We were both chatting with a newly published author Sierra and it got kinda personal as a lot of things do at RT-lol. Nathalie and I instantly hit it off and within the first 20 minutes we already had inside jokes going on (Woo-Hoo!). I could have stood there all night long and listened to her, her accent is just too adorable. Nathalie is just so bubbly and exciting to be around I couldn't help but smile while around her.
I'm really glad I got the opportunity to meet these two they were awesome and so friendly and always willing to chat. While being extremely talented artists they are both wonderful authors as well. Some of those books include:

SL Carpenter -
Betty and the Beast

Betty and the Beast

Take one oversexed blonde virgin and turn her loose in a mysterious mansion...and watch the fun begin. When Betty's father stumbles into a forbidden estate, Betty must pay the price for his wayward actions. The fact that price includes some wayward actions of her own isn't a problem to this frisky lass. She finds what every woman secretly wants - happiness! And a beast in her bed...

Nathalie Gray -

Length: novel
Publication date: 17 January 2011

When Jasmine’s last relative dies, she’s left with a mystery—an old tarot card called “Il Tempo” and a key. Through her aunt’s lawyer, she learns this key comes with a house along Canal Grande in Venice, Italy. Thinking she can settle her post-divorce debts, she decides to pay her inheritance a visit but quickly realizes the house is more than crumbling brick and mortar—it’s a gate. A gate to a world of masqueraded lovers and assassins, a realm where a mask can hide much more than a face.


ISBN: 9781605049274
Length: novel
Publication date: 7 December 2010

Light speed isn’t fast enough to outrun the heart.

Metal Reign by Nathalie Gray

Francine knows her onechance to destroy a critical Imber fuel supply is a suicide mission, but better death than living like a rat under the enemy’s thumb. John may be only the ship’s cook, but he’s not letting his best friend go alone. Now’s a hell of a time to discover he loves her, but there’s no turning back.

The Mythmakers by Robert Appleton
Steffi and her crew of smugglers are so weary just surviving, it’s tough to get excited about one more crippled ship, even though it’s the salvage prize of a lifetime.
Until they discover it holds the last of Earth’s mythical creatures. Including the extraordinarily beautiful and uninhibited Arne. But the enemy is closing in, and Steffi must choose: cut and run, or tow the precious ship to safety.

Hearts and Minds by J.C. Hay
It was a simple smash-and-grab job. But the client failed to mention that Syna’s the diversion for an assassination attempt that leaves her with a sexy, telepathic passenger.
Inexorably, Syna is dragged into a war that isn’t hers, and discovers—between knock-down-drag-outs—that she and Galen are a whole, far stronger than the sum of their parts.



Another fabulous collection of Paranormal Romance stories in the bestselling Mammoth series.

If love transcends all boundaries, paranormal romance is its natural conclusion.

Over twenty tales from some of the hottest names in romantic fiction to transport you to fantastical worlds in which mythical beasts, magical creatures of all shapes and sizes, heart-stoppingly handsome ghosts, angels and mortals with extra-sensory powers live out extraordinary desires.

For more information on SL Carpenter or Nathalie Grey please checkout their websites:
SL Carpenter
Website: http://www.slcarpenter.net/index.html
Cover Art: http://www.scottcarpenter.deviantart.com/

Nathalie Gray/ Kanaxa
Website: http://nathaliegray.com/
Cover Art: http://www.kanaxa.com/Home.html
Cover Art: http://kanaxa.daportfolio.com/

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