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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Skylar Kade & P. G. Forte

Skylar Kade & P. G. Forte

Today I am going to talk about P. G. Forte and Skylar Kade. Two more of the Naught Nine Novelist. Before going to RT I had not read either of these ladies but since returning I have read my first Skylar Kade. It just so happens Lawful Pleasure was her introduction, her novella appears in the an anthology called Curva Licious. I really enjoyed this read.
While we were at RT it was Skylar's Birthday and and never got to sing to her so her it is - Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dearest SKYLAR!!!!!, Happy Birthday to you!!!! OXOXOXO- he..he... trust me reading is was better than hearing it.
Now on to P. G. Forte, I have not read her yet BUT I do have her Oderon series at the top of my TBR pile and should be starting the first book this week. From reviews I'm in for a treat. P. G. and I had a jewelry connection :) we both are crazy over Amber jewelry and anything a little different. It was fun to seeing what new pieces she would have each day.
Below is some information on each author and their books. I hope you enjoy them :)

Skylar Kade-

Maison Domine: A Binding Ties story

Taking bonding and exothermic reactions outside the laboratory...
A Bindi
ng Ties story.Organic chemist Lara Brunner is at loose ends. Since childhood, her life has been focused on work and achieving success in her field. Only now, weeks away from her tenure review, she realizes she's pushed herself too far. Casting about for a way to release her stress-crazed body from career tension, she visits a BDSM retreat, hoping a weekend of sexual submission will do the trick.

Inducting her into the lifestyle is her at-work nemesis—Jaxon Greene. But the sinful intent she encounters in Jaxon's sexy eyes makes her heart race with desire...and fear. Gorgeous men like him don't go for zaftig academics like her. Once the fantasy weekend is over and real life returns, he'll forget all about her.Jaxon is blindsided by his intense attraction to Lara. The more time he spends with her, the stronger their invisible bonds become. Bonds that are stronger and more permanent than any knot he can tie. He's not normally into converting vanilla women to his lifestyle, but something makes him want to c

ast his inhibitions aside and claim her for his own.First, though, he has to free her from preconceived notions of proper sex…and love.

Warning: This story contains bondage and whips and sexy professors—oh my!

Christmas Packages

Elizabeth has watched with frustration as her relationship with Jason slowly faded away. Braced for their inevitable end, this “nice girl” is instead surprised—and aroused—by her boyfriend’s naughty Christmas plans. Jason has tiptoed around what really turns him on, afraid Lizzie would run screaming from his kinkier desires. But as their relationship flags, he latches onto a last-ditch effort to inject energy into their sex life—and their love.For twelve days leading up to Christmas, Jason gives Lizzie a new present, each one enticing her further into his dark desires. Now Lizzie needs to loosen up a little—to give up enough control to submit to her edgiest urges and give herself completely to the man determined to be hers forever.

Oh What a tangled web… of ropes and chains!

Bound by Design by Natasha Moore

Jenn crafts custom slave jewelry, but

she’s vowed never to wear a collar again. When she meets Scott, an architect with a dominant side, she’s forced to confront her submissive needs. They’ll have to design a new relationship around past mistakes with the help of ropes and chains—and a whole lot of trust.

Maison Domine by Skylar Kade

In desperate need of a break from her high-pressure job, Lara takes a short vacation to a mountain BDSM retreat. Instead of a quiet weekend to herself, she becomes the weekend submissive of Jaxon, an expert Dominant—and her colleague at the university. Despite the sparks their scenes ignite, they deny their attraction…until it’s clear their bond goes far beyond anything made of rope or leather.

The Initiation of Isabella by Jenna Ives

Isabella can’t believe her sorority’s secret initiation involves being bound, gagged, and blindfolded. Can it? Logan can’t believe the wide-eyed girl he’s sent to pick up is the sexually jaded woman who hired him to indulge her wildest fantasies. But if she insists on playing the innocent schoolgirl, well, it’s her party.

Warning: This book features spanking in a garden, sex in the closet, sex-for-hire (not really) gone wild, experiments outside the lab, bondage in the bedroom…and just about everywhere else.

P. G. Forte-


Old Sins, Long Shadows: Can an eighth century soldier really find love everlasting with a fifteenth century courtier? For four hundred years Conrad and Damian thought the answer was 'yes'. But living forever is not as easy as you think and loving forever--that's damn near impossible for even the most committed couples.

Book 2 in the Children of Night series. A new paranormal romance coming soon from Samhain Publishing


Edge of Heaven: Welcome to the afterlife, where men are men and the angels are fallen. Edge is an unlikely angel. Unable to atone for the sins he committed while human, he's resigned to spending the rest of eternity in Limbo. Until he meets a miracle named Matteo.

A new m/m erotic paranormal available soon from Loose Id


In The Dark: 1969 San Francisco. When world-weary vampire meets adventure-seeking hippie chick it's love at first bite. But, when their star-crossed union results in newborn, vampire twins, that's anything but groovy.

Book 1 in the Children of Night series. A new Urban Fantasy available December 2009 at Samhain Publishing


Iron: Nineteenth century Ireland. Blacksmith Gavin O'Malley faces a bitter choice. Will he lose his heart to the lovely fae Aislinn, or lose his soul to save her?

A new historical-paranormal erotic romance available soon at Liquid Silver Books


Scent of the Roses:
For twenty years, Scout Patterson has tried to run--from Oberon and from the mistakes and mysteries in her past. Now, she's back and about to come face to face with the ghosts she's never laid to rest and the love she thought she'd lost forever.

Book 1 in the Oberon series. Paranormal romantic-suspense. Print versions coming soon. Pre-order your copy now at SynergEbooks


A Sight to Dream Of:
Life in Oberon, California is not all white light and fairy dust. Danger lurks beneath the bright surface, and nobody knows this better than Marsha Quinn. Marsha’s used to being called a witch—after all, her psychic abilities make a lot of people uncomfortable. But, no one has ever called her an angel...until now.

Book 2 in the Oberon series. Paranormal romantic-suspense. Print versions coming soon. Pre-order your copy now at SynergEbooks


Sound of a Voice That is Still:
It’s winter in Oberon—dark, rainy and cold—a good time to stay inside, to stay warm and dry by the fire, to stay safe. For some of the residents of the quirky, little California coast town, however, it’s also the perfect time for casting spells, for interfering in each other’s lives...and for falling in love.

To learn more about Skylar Kade, please visit www.skylarkade.com. Send an email to skylarkade@skylarkade.com or join her blog to join in the fun with other readers and authors as well as Skylar! www.skylarkade.com/blog

A love of all things internet related, PG can be emailed at
pgforte@pgforte.com or found hanging out at any of the following sites:

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  1. Aww, thanks so much for this; you're a sweetheart. It was so much fun meeting you at RT. We'll have to do it again. I hope you enjoy the books--be sure and let me know what you think. ;)

  2. <3 thanks for profiling me and PG! You're the bestest Naughty Bit.