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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hot as Hades ~ Alisha Rai ~ Review

Don’t you just love it when you happen upon a little treasure?  There are times we enjoy a book we have read and then there are time that we REALLY ENJOY a book we have read!  Well, I happened upon Hot as Hades while checking out the “Apocalyptathon” contest over at Moira Rogers’ website.  They were interviewing Alisha Rai and featured her book Hot as Hades. I’ve always been a sucker for mythology, but more so than ever now that authors have been putting a naughty twist on it!  So, I fired up the trusty pink laptop, pounced on Amazon and commenced kicking, shoving, and fighting my way—okay, not literally, that’s me gearing up for the holiday shopping mentality ;-)—to add this little treasure to my virtual shopping cart! 

Hot as Hades

Blurb ~

Ensnaring the ultimate bad boy has its risks…and its rewards.
It’s not easy being Hades. Constantly guarding his world against other meddling and ambitious deities is stressful work. So when a naked goddess falls directly into his lap, along with the news that he has to shelter her for the indefinite future, he is less than thrilled. Particularly since he can’t help but lust after the beautiful female.
The Underworld isn’t the first place Persephone would pick for a vacation—who in their right mind would choose a dark palace over sunshine and flowers? Yet from Hades’s first touch, the dark, sexy ruler fascinates her and has her thinking a fling might be just the thing to while away her confinement.
But trust each other? Not a chance. Until the day comes that Persephone must leave…and they realize that trusting each other is the only way they’ll ever meet again.

Warning: Contains an arrogant god, a stubborn goddess, horny deity nookie and enough supernatural friction to set the Underworld on fire. 

Review ~

Weighing in at 117 pages, this little book packed a hell of a wallop!  Hot as Hades is a delightful twist on the story of Hades and Persephone.  Ms.  Rai has a great author’s voice; having not met her personally, I definitely get a sense of her personality through her writing and let me add, she is quite legit!  She has breathed life and personality—which I can easily relate to—into these characters.  I LOVED this story about mythological deities with a sensual and modern twist and hope you do as well.  
Reviewed by ~ 

About the author ~ 

Alisha Rai has been enthralled with romance novels since she smuggled her first tattered Harlequin home from the library at the age of thirteen. A mild-mannered florist by day, she pens sexy, emotional contemporaries and paranormals by night.

After a lifetime spent bouncing around the States, she is content to call sunny South Florida home for now. When she’s not reading or working, Alisha loves to hang out with her close-knit family. She happily lives in a chaotic house filled with clutter, laughter, good food, boisterous kids, and very loud relatives.

You can find Alisha Rai around the web at:

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