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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's your preference?

Point of View-

What is Point Of View?  POV is perspective from which a story is being told to a reader. Basically... who is telling the reader the story.

There are many types of POVs. Some writers are confident enough to use several POVs in their stories, but normally writers stick to one type.

First-person point of view: I saw the lust in Sam's eyes.

Second-person point of view: You saw the lust in Sam's eyes. (While most often used in nonfiction, this POV is rarely used in fiction.)

Third-person point of view: She saw the lust in Sam's eyes. 

Omniscient point of view (also commonly referred to as author's POV): No one could see it. Sam didn't even know it was there, but lust reflected in his eyes.

Other then these POV's there is a Women's POV and Man's POV.

Men are more sight driven. Yep, what they see sticks in their minds.They tend to internalize, so you are sure to get some interesting thoughts going on :)   I'm not saying there aren't still feelings and thoughts going on, too, but most are stimulated by the sight of things. Most men are not detail oriented they usually tend to be more logical rather than emotional. They want to fix things,rescue you, and make you laugh.

Whereas a women POV is more emotionally driven. When reading in this point of view you will be sure to know what the place looks like, how it smells, and what exactly is going on in her head and her heart. Details, details, details and lots of emotions.

Some of this may seem very stereotypical but it is my opinion and part of how I choose the books I read. While I love reading from a women's POV I am a women and I know what we think and feel. I like to get in a man's head every now and then and reading in the POV helps sometimes. It's nice to relax for a read, I don't always want the emotional heart breaking, love affair, friends to lovers read. Sometimes it's nice to get away from all the emotional and just have a great read.

Which do you prefer to read? Does it even matter to you what point of view you read from?

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