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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Goalie Interference by Angela S.Stone & Emily Cale

Goalie Interference 

Title: Goalie Interference

Authors: Emily Cale & Angela S. Stone

Genre: Contemporary, chick-lit, erotic romance

Heat level: 4

Word count – 12k

Cover art by Valerie Tibbs


Blurb -  

Hockey goalie Tarah 'TJ' Elliot is too busy stopping pucks to go looking for love. When her friend Natalie sets her up through Madame Eve's 1 Night Stand service, she grudgingly agrees to go. Her ultimate fantasy comes true when Scott Alarid, one of the top scorers in the league, shows up at her hotel room. Hockey player TJ can't possibly spend a night with him, but Tarah certainly can.

Scott's tired of dealing with women who only like him for his all-star status. After his teammates arrange a date for him using the 1NS website, he's delighted to find a woman who doesn't know a thing about the sport. But, will the truth force them to put their relationship on ice?

Review -

Do you like sexy hockey players, blind dates, and 'pucking' hot sex? Well, Angela S. Stone and Emily Cale give us just that in their new release - Goalie Interference from Decadent Publishing out April 17, 2010.

Hockey is normally a man’s sport, but TJ Elliot is no man and she plays hockey with the best of them. TJ plays hard and doesn't leave a lot of time to socialize or date. Lucky for her, she has a great friend who sets her up on a date.

TJ's date winds up being "thee" Scott Alarid of the Montreal Magic hockey team; just what she doesn't want, another hockey jock. Scott is blown away with Tarah's beauty and the easiness of her company and he falls for her almost instantly, but of course things can't always be perfect...Or can they?

This is a super cute 42 page short story about two people brought together by noisy friends, steamy sex, the possibilities of a happily ever after. I would love to see another story about some of the teammates and Madam Eve's services, so please please say there is more :)

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