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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wowza Wednesday - romance covers

Oh do I have a WOWZA for you today, since I'm away at the Romance Times Convention Ifigured why not dedicate the WOWZA this week to a cover model.

I'm a cover girl and if you have a good cover you most likely are going to get my sell. Last year when I saw The Perfect Play cover I was in love and grabbed it right up - I never even read the blurb or anything else from the author before this. Like I said I'm a cover girl :) (the book was fabulous)

After I was done drooling all over the cover I was curious on who it was. Now there are lots of wonderful covers out there and I have never, I mean never looked up who ta cover model was but I just had to see the rest of him. After some research I found that it was cover model and actor Jed Hill. I found some more of his covers and decided I needed to share these. Ever heard of Jed Hill? Well this is him ladies and I think he has the best abs I have ever seen.


Oh yeah and his butt isn't bad either :) 

  What do you think? Do you have a favorite cover model?
 Who are they?  Come on share I want to know..

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