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Saturday, April 21, 2012

RT 2012 Memories

I"M HOME!!!!

Yes I am home from Romantic Times Convention in Chicago, but I am still recovering, lol. I would never have thought that hanging out with friends and listening to authors talk on panels could wear me out so much but damn am I tired, sore,no voice (thanks Lila) and have a few bruises that I have no idea where I got them, but that's RT for ya :) 

So let me start my week out for you-

I started my trip to RT a bit early by traveling down to LA on Sunday evening since I had an early morning flight. I was nice since I got to spend a bit of down time with a friend before all the craziness of RT.
Our flight from La was great and went very fast but the landing was a bit rough and two kids actually got sick during landing. It felt like we were dropping outta the sky we were hitting so many air pockets.
Once we finally got in on Monday it was run, run, unpack, run - lol. I got half unpacked before I got a call from an old friend that lives in Chicago, he came by took me to a fabulous dinner and then stopped by the store so I could pick up supplies for the week. What were the supplies? Water, food, alcohol!
Once Tuesday came I was ready! More authors and more friends arrived and it was time to socialize for a bit before all the craziness started. My roommates Kat (The Book Tart) and Lisa (The Book Maid) got to go to Wrigley's Field and watched a game

Aren't they cute :)

Then that brings us to Wednesday the start of the convention everyone running around everywhere grabbing up all kinds of amazing swag, books, and stopping by panel after panel. Then once the sun went down the sagging began - Step Up and Stomp Ellora's Cave Party. It had the best swag of the convention  - track pants, hat, and an Ellora's Cave shirt. (I will be giving this swag away so keep an eye out)

then when I was heading up to change over for the slumber party I ran into
Brynn Paulin and Bronwyn Green!

 Once the that party was over it was time for a YA Slumber Party and I just can't resist running around a hotel in my pj's and fuzzy socks. Thank fully my roommates were up for it even when we couldn't find the party. (yes we were late, but we had fun running around the hotel)

 Yep we stayed up late and ate lots of junk food :)

Thursday was a fun packed day with Nine Naughty Novelists, the Smutketeers & Cover Model Karaoke! Scott Nova and CJ showed up to sing with everyone, lots of great giveaway and singing :) I hope this will be back next year as it was a blast even at 10 am. 

After this I was lucky enough to be asked to sit on a panel with the Nine Naughty Novelists on Social Media- Group Blogging. I was very nervous but knowing that I was up there with friends helped. Thanks for asking me - xoxo.

One thing about RT is there are lots of changes and by changes I mean clothes! After Karaoke and the panel I ran upstairs and changed over for the Steampunk Gaslamp Gathering. I LOVED this event! Everyone had such beautiful costumes and was so nice, I hope to see this event back again as well.

And one more costume change for that night with the Highland Fairy Ball

This had to be the most comfortable costume I have ever worn! There were some great costumes this night and come on men in kilts!!

Stop back by next Sunday for more pics from RT 2012.

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