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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Spanking Good Time ~ Reviewed by Kennedia

A Spanking Good Time by Cassanda Carr

Leslie is a sales rep for a large pharmaceutical company and has been given an all expenses paid vacation by her employer in tropical St. Thomas with her husband, Tom.  They have just arrived at their room in the resort and Leslie proceeds to ensure that her submissive husband will behave and not embarrass her on their vacation.

Cassandra Carr writes a scorching short story of delicious naughtiness in A Spanking Good Time.  Ms. Carr had me panting by page 2 and blushing by page 3.  This story was super hot and really dirty which made it great quickie read for me.  I especially enjoyed Leslie's very masochistic streak in keeping her husband disciplined regularly.

For those readers looking a really smutty quickie, this book is for you!

A Spanking Good Time - At Her Mercy by Emma Lai

Wowza, Emma Lai pens a super dirty read from the point of view of Tom, Leslie's husband from Cassandra Carr's, A Spanking Good Time.  Tom is looking to get a spanking from his Domme wife and gets that and more.  Tom's job as an FBI agent is very stressful and the release from that stress comes when he submits to Leslie.

Ms. Lai does an exceptional job of getting inside Tom's head and giving her readers a really hot story.  I really enjoyed Tom's desire to be spanked by his wife as well as the few other tricks she sprang on him.  This short story has intrigued me and has me on the hunt for more by Emma Lai.

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