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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CaseyLu does Eden Bradley

I'm so happy posting this post for two reasons- 

#1 - It's CaseyLu's first review post with us here at Day Dreaming Book Reviews 
#2 - EEEKKKK! It's Eden Bradley's newest book Breaking Skye

Now onto the review...

When power play becomes more than just a game…

Submission. Spanking. Perhaps even a flogger, a whip…These are the things Skye has always craved, the desires she has never allowed herself to explore. Until now. She thought she was looking for a single experience, something to purge these strange yearnings from her system. Instead she finds a man whose absolute authority and stunning good looks leave her breathless. Helpless. Willing to do anything he asks of her. But only for one night…

Adam has other ideas—BDSM is a process, not a single experience. Skye could be the perfect submissive once he’s done training her—for someone else. For him, that’s always the way it’s been. But Skye is different. Enticing. Intoxicating. Irresistible. Soon all he can think of is breaking Skye—and keeping her for himself.


I’ve read many books set in the BDSM world, and I have to say that there are few people that get me as wound up as when I’m reading one of  Eden ’s books. The story of Breaking Skye is a wonderfully fast paced emotional rollercoaster. These two people willingly set out on this journey together that breaks down major walls in both of them giving them the possibility of a passion filled future, if they can just get out of their heads and listen to their hearts.

Skye wants to experience is it all spankings, submission, pain, and more, but she wants it to be a one time thing. She thinks if she can get this experience she can get over this obsession she has always had with them. She follows her cousin’s advice to signs up on a website and agrees to meet with a Dom to train her and give her this experience. From the minute Adam walks in the door she gets the feeling she may have bit off a tad bit more than she can chew, and her body is on alert.

Adam is instantly drawn to Skye, and he truly thinks she will make the perfect submissive. He knows that once she opens up to the kinkier side of life she will not be able to deny the need for it anymore, but he is training her for someone else. He just needs to convince his own body of his decision.

From the beginning this book is smoking hot! It is written in a way that you could totally immerse yourself in the scenes, and become Skye. I totally wanted to be her, and have the seriously sexy Adam bend me over his knee! This is a perfect quick read to especially if you are new to the BDSM genre. But you might want to have someone close by you can jump or toys, some ice water, and a fan while reading. It gets pretty freaking hot! I can’t recommend it enough!!


  1. Thanks Casey for your review. I completely agree with you. This is a great book, Eden is amazing!

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