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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Phuong gets Pleasured by Lacey Thorn

More - More - More! I Want More!

Title: Guarded for Pleasure
Series: Pleasures, Book #4
Author: Lacey Thorn
Length: Novela 
Genre: Multiple Partners, Contemporary
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

ARC Review: Received this ARC for an honest review
Reviewed by: Phuong

Blurb ~

River, Tara, and Kat met in the police academy and decided to forgo becoming cops and try life as private investigators instead. That easily, Angel Investigations was born.

Now, River is on the run from an ex-boyfriend who takes psycho to a new level. When he told her he always took care of what belonged to him, she never imagined he was referring to her.

When her ex finds her, River’s three sexy neighbors step in to help. Phil, Luke, and Rick have more than guarding her body in mind. They’ll guard her pleasure as well, and make 
sure she never wants again.

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Review ~

I was so excited when I heard that author Lacey Thorn was going to continue her Pleasure series. I loved the previous three books and her latest release, Guarded For Pleasure, did not disappoint. Who wouldn't want to read about three sexy bodyguards? *sigh* And be jealous of the woman that gets all their attention. LOL! 

Meg aka River is running scared as an ex-boyfriend continues to stalk her after she leaves him and her old life behind. Enter Luke, Phil and Rick who have been starring in her fantasies and ready to make them come true while trying to keep her safe. I loved how protective they were of River and taking matters into their own hands so she could reclaim her life and reunite with her best friends again. All four of them had great chemistry and the sex scenes were scorching HOT! 

This was a quick, sexy read and I enjoyed the romantic suspense element in this story. I have to thank Lacey for listening to her fans who begged for more Pleasure stories (that would be me, LOL!). I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series. 

Reviewed by ~ Phuong

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