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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Double the "Trick" fun!

Today we have double the fun with a double review 

Dirty Trick by Christine Bell

Title: Dirty Trick
Series: Perfectly Matched, Book 1
Author: Christine Bell
Released: September 23, 2013
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Length: 250 Pages

Publisher: Entangled Publishing : Brazen 

ARC Review: Received book in exchanged for an honest opinion.
Reviewer: Lola Loves Books


Grace Love is lousy with men. She can spot a match for someone else a mile away, and her balls-on instincts are why her matchmaking business is thriving, but finding her own Prince Charming? The only guy who makes her sixth sense tingle is her playboy best friend, Trick, and no way is she risking their friendship, no matter how hot she knows the sex will be.

SWAT officer Trick Matthews is a patient guy, but Grace’s inability to see what’s right in front of her is grinding on his last nerve. Yeah, he blew his shot at breaking out of the friend zone when he tamped down the urge to lick her from head to toe the day they met, but he’s got a plan that’ll change her mind. Incognito at Salem's hottest Halloween party, he’ll show her exactly how good they could be…and that he’s the man for her.

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Trick or treat? I’ll take Trick, for sure!

Who doesn’t love a story about best friends who’ve pined for each other secretly? If that’s one of your favorite tropes, then this book is for you.

Patrick “Trick” Matthews, is Grace’s neighbor and friend. He’s a sexy member of the local SWAT team and experiences no lull in the hanky-panky department—women have been streaming in and out of his house for years—until lately. His sights are now set and Grace is in the crosshairs. The upcoming Halloween party is the perfect chance for him to show Grace they’re meant for other. But there’s a flaw in his plan...

Here’s the irony... Grace’s love life is nonexistent, yet she’s an owner/operator of a matchmaking business. She and her friend Serena must go to this Halloween party in order to land an important client, one who can help skyrocket their business, Love Will Find a Way, to success. At the party, she runs into the mysterious “Cat Man” and even though she lacks a bit of self-confidence, she throws caution to the wind and enjoys every nip, lick and thrust this stranger has to offer.

Enter Trick’s flaw—When, if ever, is the best time to tell her he is Cat Man? Trickery gets trickier (say that three times real fast) in this cute story. It’s a definite page-turner, drawing you in because you have to know how Trick is going to get himself out of this mess with Grace—all the while I bet you’ll be rooting for him, hoping Grace will be able to forgive him.

Dirty Trick is a super cute story full of sexiness and witty banter. Grace is loveable, Trick is undeniably sexy, and Serena... Well, let’s just say she’s a real kick in the pants and hopefully gets her own story sometime soon!

Reviewed by ~ Lola Loves Books

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