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Thursday, July 21, 2011

My friend Dennie - LoLa Loves Books

I want to introduce you all to a friend of mine that I've know for ... well let just say a very long time :) Her name is Dennie (LoLa Loves Books). Dennie has always been a reader and when I told her about 3 years ago that I had started reading she gave me a few suggestion and ever sent me my first JR Ward book. For months we shipped books back and forth via postal mail.
Then mom asked for a Kindle for her 50 th birthday. Once I saw the Kindle and what it did I called her immediately, that was 2 years ago this August. Dennie being the ever so studious person she is, hopped online and started researching them. A week later I got a call from her telling me she had one in her hands (Bitch), I didn't even have one yet!
Anyway we started to call each other and search online for books that might be good. I finally got my Kindle for Christmas and once it was in my hands, it was on.
Dennie and I would get together online (Dennie lives far...far..away from me) or the phone and discuss our current reads and tell each other what we needed to get. I introduced Dennie to Erotic reads and she introduced me to Paranormal Romance.
Can you guess what the very first book I downloaded onto my Kindle was? It was the Fabulous RG Alexander's Regina in the Sun, it just so happened to be a free read that week. Once I read that I was a goner. I grabbed everything I could find by her and then went onto her "if you like this author try theses" file and quickly built my arsenal of Smut :)
Dennie and I make a perfect pair she suggests my Paranormal Romances and I suggest her Smut, Contemporary, and every now and then some YA. Recently I have been trying to get Dennie to browse the romance community with me and I think I may have sucked her in.
I got her to do her first contest this year with Moira Rogers, and guess what the bitch won!! She called me a few weeks ago squealing and said she got the best goodies: books, e-books, book plates, book markers, pens, and all sort of other goodies. So I told her now that she's won she needs to start doing some reviews for my blog with those wins. Dennie has agreed to stop by every now and then and do a review when she has time. So when work permits and she has down time she will stop by and give us a review.

Dennie (Lola Loves Books)
Very busy mom of two teenagers -1 Boy 16 years old , and 1 - girl 14 yrs old. She works from home as a medical transcriptionist for a very demanding company. Dennie likes relaxing pool side with her Kindle, kids, hubby, and animals. She reads about 5-8 books a month and is always looking for new authors. If you have any suggestions, let her know.


  1. Wow, what an amazing introduction! Thanks :-) I look forward to giving a review every now and then.

    To the potential reader: All I ask is that you keep in mind that the reviews are just my opinion.

    To the authors: I'll always try to remain fair in my opinions, as I have no interest in tearing an author apart. I do not expect every book I read to be a masterpiece. In fact, I try not to expect anything; when one EXPECTS, one can easily be let down :-) I will always be so very grateful that you (a smut-tastic author) took the time to write something to keep my constantly whirling mind focused on something other than the mundane daily tasks!

    So, with all that said, thanks Daydrmzzz for the introduction and Happy Reading to all the wonderful followers of this blog. Hopefully, you'll tell your friends about this great spot and have them stop by from time to time as well.

    Now, it's Friday ... work is done, house is cleaned, dinner is prepped and in the fridge so I'm outta here and heading out to the pool with Love's Master written by Gabrielle Bisset - stop back by to check out the review :-)

  2. You're officially the winner of Dr. Charley's book on my blog, but you didn't leave an email addy. (I know I've seen it before ...) Please come back or drop me a line @ louisa bacio @ yahoo(dot).com, and I'll pass it along to dr. Charley!