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Monday, September 19, 2011

Paradise Found - Bandicoot Cove BK 2 - Vivian Arend - Review

Author: Vivian Arend
Series:Bandicoot Cove, Book 2
Release date: Aug. 23, 2011
Length: Novella


Paradise FoundFate is a wind that can change at the drop of a heart…

Paige has enjoyed every no-strings-attached minute with her two Australian lovers, Trent and Mason. Over the past eleven months, they’ve surfed, hiked…and explored their seemingly limitless sexual chemistry.
Her lovers’ invitation to the opening of a new resort comes at the ideal time, because in a few days she’s returning to Canada. It’ll be a fitting swan song for their easygoing relationship. A chance to fulfill a few fantasies and then escape before her men realize she’s broken the rules by falling in love with them both. Better to take flight than be forced to choose.
Unaware of Paige’s self-imposed deadline, Trent and Mason scheme to get Paige on their yacht for a once-in-a-lifetime voyage with one goal in mind: break the news that they’re ready for something more than casual—and hope she doesn’t run like hell.
It’s a delicate operation that’ll require close attention to which way her emotional winds are blowing. One wrong word, and their paradise-perfect arrangement could be lost in an instant. 

Warning: This book starts with the heat turned way up high. Two men entirely focused on one woman’s pleasure. One woman stepping outside the box to please her men. An exotic resort suite featuring an erotic piece of furniture that makes ménage a trois even hotter than usual. Really. 

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 Review ~

Yesterday I told you Kylie's story (Exotic Indulgence) about her and her three delicious men, today I'm gonna tell you about her brother Trent and his story.

Trent has been given the greatest gift from his sister Kylie. He and his best friend - Mason along with their guest -Paige have been invited to Bandicoot Cove Resort's soft opening. This is perfect timing for Trent, he and Mason have a proposition for Paige and what a better place to make it than in this paradise.

Trent, a Customs diver is full of adventure and always up for fun while Mason is the smart/romantic type, which helps since he is a romance writer. Since they were kids Mason and Trent have done everything together. So when they come to the conclusion that their summer time fling has grown into something more they are confident that they can make it work. Now all they need to do is convince her.

Paige is a Canadian pastry chef that's in Australia to experience life. She doesn't expect to come across two hunky Aussie men. She also doesn't expect to fall for both these men at once. She knows stuff like this only happens in fairy tales and doesn't last, but she still can't help her heart from falling and falling hard.

Trent and Mason have decided it's time for their adventure with Paige needs to sail in another direction and what better place to start off this adventure than at Bandicoot Cove Resort.

Once again I LOVED this book! Vivian Arend takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions with this one. One minute your on a sexual high (be on the look out for "the chair", that's all I'm saying) and the next you're laughing at the cute banter between the three of them have with each other, to being so made at the characters for heartbreaking moments.

This is a great addition to the series and we even get a sneak peek at the famous Nick Blackthorne... sigh... Which I hear we will see more of him in Tropical Sin by Lexxie Couper.

I can't wait to see what else Bandicoot Cove Resort has in store. I got my plane tickets in the mail today, have you booked your flight yet? 

 Reviewed by - Dawn   

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