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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yesterday when I logged onto Twitter I saw a few posts talking about some ebook pirating site, I logged into Facebook and saw a few other posts, then I signed into my email and it exploded with reader groups and authors talking about this same ebook pirating site. It seems that this person felt it was okay to sell others authors books on her website, FB, and Ebay. Now when I say sell I mean she was making money off authors such as JR Ward, Nora Roberts, Lauren Dane, Moira Rogers, Maya Banks, Shiloh Walker and so many others.
I was so shocked I jumped online and found that quite a few people had purchased ebooks from this women. All I can say is come on people! authors write these books and need to be paid for their works. If they keep being pirated and they don't make the money they are entitled to, how can they afford to keep writing them. Keep that in mind would you!
Like I said, I saw a lot of people talking about this horrible thing and wondered what could I do as a reader? The only thing I could think to do was to contact the authors I knew. Sadly there were quite a few of my loved authors too.
So what can we do as readers to help? We need to contact the authors and publishing houses so that they can take the proper action and get these sites taken down. We can make sure that people understand that piracy is illegal and will not be tolerated.
I do have a little good news though, later that night I was scanning my Twitter feed and I say a post from Shiloh Walker  saying that the website this women was using had been shut down! Way To Go Romance Committee!! xoxo


  1. My email was full of the same thing. I felt so horrible, but had no idea what to do. Glad to hear she was shut down.


  2. I am glad to hear that the site was taken down. Contacting authors would be the only thing I would know of to do. I actually did this with a favorite author because a couple of her books were on a site, that I thought was a legitimate site were they could be read online, but I wanted to make sure that she knew the books were there. I am one of the many fans who would never want to get ahold of a pirated copy of a book. Unless the book comes from a legit seller, the author, or publisher, I don't want it. I love winning copies of books but only from sites that I trust, and the ecopies come from authors or agents for the authors.