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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Perfect Man Wrap Up

So did you find your "Perfect Man"?
Is he a Man in Uniform, a Paranormal Lover, a Dom/kinkster, or is he a Cowboy? 
If you didn't find him here, keep looking he's out there and if you have any suggestions where we might find more of theses "Perfect Men" let us know.

Here's a recap of "The Perfect Man Event" month - Don't want you to miss out an anything:

Week 1 - Men in Uniform
8/1/11- Opening Line-up

Lucy Felthouse - Character Interview, Uniform Behaviour - Scorching Book Reviews
Victoria Blisse - Character Interview, Uniform Behaviour -  Day Dreaming

Cari Quinn - Character Interview, Undercover Lovers -Scorching Book Reviews
Jayne Rylon - Character Interview, Mistress's Master -  Day Dreaming

8/4/11 - Favorite "Men in Uniform" Books

Laura Hunsaker - Author Interview, Highland Destiny - Scorching Book Reviews

Karen Erickson - Author Interview, Simple Twist of Fate -Scorching Book Reviews
Shelli Stevens - Author Interview, Seducing Alley & Sneak Peek -  Day Dreaming

8/7/11 -  Close of the week, author highlights & Winners

Week 2 - Paranormal  Week
8/8/11 - Opening Line-up
Cassidy Hunter - Author Interview - Scorching Book Reviews
Cassidy Hunter -Review, Beyond the ShadowsDay Dreaming

Emma Hillman - Author Interview, Out of Control - Scorching Book Reviews
Kinsey W. Holley - Author Interview, Ready to RunDay Dreaming

8/11/11- Favorite "Paranormal Romance" Book

Scarlett Parrish - Author Post

Jambrea Jo Jones - Character Interview, Seeds Of Dawn series - Scorching Book Reviews
R.G. Alexander - Author Interview, Tempt Me & Children of the Goddess series -  Day Dreaming

Rosalie Stanton - Character Interview -Scorching Book Reviews
Rosalie Stanton - Review - Lost Wages of Sin -  Day Dreaming

P.G. Forte - Review - In The Dark, Children of the Night series - Scorching Book Reviews
P.G. Forte - Character Interview - Old Sins, Long ShadowsDay Dreaming

Vivian Arend - Character Interview, Black Gold  - Scorching Book Reviews
Vivian Arend - Series highlight, Granite Lake WolvesDay Dreaming

8/17/11 - Close of the week, author highlights & Winners

Week 3 - BDSM DOM/ME Week
8/18/11 - Opening Line-up

Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin - Author Interview & Review Desire's Edge - Scorching Book Reviews
Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin - Character Interview, Ever: The Turning, Midnight PlaygroundDay Dreaming

Eliza Gayle - Author Interview, Submissive Beauty - Scorching Book Reviews
Juniper Bell - Character Interview, Restraining the Receptionist, ...the Receptionist seriesDay Dreaming

8/21/11 - Favorite "Kinky" Book

Kelly Jamieson - Author Interview, Power Shift - Scorching Book Reviews
Skylar Kade - Author Interview,  Maison Domine- His Only Hope -  Day Dreaming

Cherise Sinclair - Characters Interview Shadowlands - Scorching Book Reviews
KB Alan - Author Interview, Bound by SunlightDay Dreaming

8/24/11 - Guest Post on Dominants -Cassandra Carr, Sascha Illyvich, Dr. Charlie Ferrer - Day Dreaming
8/24/11 -  Close of the week, author highlights & Winners

Week 4 - Cowboy Week
8/25/11 - Opening Line-up

Sophie Oak - Nights in Bliss & Texas Sirens - Scorching Book Reviews
Mari Carr - Author Interview, Southern Comfort - Compass Brothers   -  Day Dreaming

Beth Williamson -Character Interview, Devils on Horseback -Scorching Book Reviews
Stacey Espino - Author Interview, Hardcore Cowboys -  Day Dreaming

8/28/11 - Favorite "Cowboy" Book

Leah Braemel - Review, Texas Tangle - Scorching Book Reviews
Leah Braemel -  Tangled Past, Sneak Peek -  Day Dreaming

Cat Johnson - Arthor Interview - Scorching Book Reviews
Robin L. Rotham - Characters Interview, Carnal Compromise - Day Dreaming

8/31/11- Close of the week, author highlights

9/1/11 -The Perfect Man Event wrap up

9/2/11 - Final Winners will be announced

Thank you everyone - Authors and readers  who participated! 
Nic and I had a blast working our butts off for you! This was a great way to pop Nic's giveaway cherry :) Oh did you not know you helped pop her cherry? - YEP and what a way to do it with all these amazing authors and giveaways! We hope to see you all back again and thank you for all your comments, we  loved 'em. 

Stop back tomorrow to see if you won a prize.

*Remember the best way to show your love for your authors is to post a review. So spread the love- xoxo


  1. Congrats on this perfect event! I loved being able to join the fun :-)
    Thanks SO much!
    _yay_ @ http://bookthatthing.blogspot.com

  2. So many books, such a small book budget. Will be getting these books (a little at a time). Thank you & Nic for putting on this event. I loved it & can't wait for you guys to do another one (please).


  3. This was a great event.I had a blast..took me a minute to read through the post..I was stuck on the first pic ;)

  4. I really wish I had been here for the whole month, but I really enjoyed the last 2 weeks and will be visiting both of your sites often. Hope you do something like this again soon (Please?) :D
    June M.