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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Come meet Laura "Highland Hussy" Hunsaker

Every Saturday during the month of January we (Denise -LolaLovesBook and I) are going to be showcasing author Laura Hunsaker aka "The Highland Hussy".

I came across Ms. Hunsaker when Nic from Scorching Hot Reviews and I did our "Perfect Man Event". She was a pleasure to work and I quickly began following her on twitter. She has been wonderful - always willing to engage in conversation and  super funny. This year I took a trip out to Vegas and was supposed to meet up with Laura but sadly things didn't work out for me and I missed out on meeting her. About a month or so later Denise got lucky and got to meet up with Laura for coffee (I'm very jealous). I'm sure she will rubbing this in this month too -lol.

 Anyway here's a little info about Laura Hunsaker ~
I am a writer who loves the idea of a hunky Highlander sweeping me off my feet.  So I wrote about what I like. And luckily someone else liked it enough to publish it.  Now I am working on the next in what I hope to be a fantastic series, and I’ll post updates and excerpts here, so keep reading, and tell me what you think.  I love to hear from readers.

Those of you who know me from  www.demonloversbooksandmore.com know me as the Highland Hussy.  Don’t you worry-my work at demonlover’s is one of my favorite things in the world, and I have no plans to ever stop. At least not until the Demon Lover herself kicks me off :)   So feel free to catch up with me over there too.  And the Highland Hussy will keep writing about those hunky Highlanders as long as you guys keep reading.  Well, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’d probably write them anyways, I mean who doesn’t love a hot Scot?

I love to hear from readers.
Contact me at highlandhussy@gmail.com

Last month Denise reviewed Laura's book- Highland Destiny,  click here to review it.


Amethyst Heat is free at New Concepts Publishing right now. You can read it online here

 Laura Hunsaker can be found around the web at the following places:

Stop back next week, Denise and I have asked Laura Hunsaker some questions you might be very interested in hearing the answers too :)

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