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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jess Dee - Winter Fire

If your looking for something to keep you warm 
in this (Red Hot) Winter this is your book!

Winter FireThere’s never been any question in Rachel Ashberg’s mind. Jackson Brooks is the one, and they both know it. The problem? Thanks to his unbreakable rule—never date his twin sister’s friends—he’s completely off-limits. Even if they can’t imagine being with anyone else.

It’s been over two years since their last encounter, when they gave in—just once—to their passion. Now, as the Brooks twins’ milestone birthday approaches, Rachel and Jackson are about to meet again at a gorgeous mountain resort. Needing something to take the edge off the desire that has never faded, she indulges in a fling with sexy stranger Garreth Halt. He even makes her forget Jackson for a while. Or…maybe not.

When she mentions Jackson’s name in passing, Garreth picks up on all the hidden undertones in her voice. And he brings Jackson into their bed, if only in a fantasy they play out together. Funny thing about Garreth’s fantasies, though. Even the most improbable, impossible ones have a way of becoming reality…

Warning: Enough heat is contained within these pages that you won’t even notice the winter cold. You might fall in love with Jackson—the real-life hero, determined to protect his sister from further pain—but it’s the handsome stranger, Garreth, who’ll take your breath away.

BUY IT HERE: Samhain, Amazon, B&N

Review ~

Did you ever have dating rules with your family or friends? Well the Brooks twins do... They are not allowed to date each others friends no matter what. For twelve years, Jackson Brooks has kept this promise to his sister but now on their 30th birthday, he can't deny his feelings for his sister's best friend Rachel any longer.

Garrett Halt, a handsome Canadian journalist, sees Rachel and instantly thinks she will be fun to help kill his time and she is all too willing to use his magnificent body to curb her want for Jackson. Garrett has a lot more hopes in mind for Rachel...and Jackson.

When I started this story I thought it was going one way...then it turned another and it was fantastic! Another absolutely Dee-lisious book by Jess Dee! I love Jess Dee's characters she - puts so much into them in such a short story -I fell for Garrett immediately! The story between Jackson and Rachel is sad but has a lovely ending. This is only one novella in a terrific Anthology with two other amazing authors -


AND did you know that each author has a 2nd book coming out? Yep and they will be available from Samhain Publishing on January 31, 2012. So pick them up and get ready for a Red Hot Weekend.

Stop by tomorrow for my review of Jess Dee's book2 Hidden Fire.

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