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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Want to know more about Laura Hunsaker?

 It's week 2 with the "Highland Hussy"  Laura Hunsaker and we are asking a few question this time ~

1.)  What or who inspired you to write Highland Destiny?
I really love to daydream. I mean, the kind where I'm daydreaming and use the same daydream for days, tweaking it here, adding things there... I had this one in my head that just wouldn't leave. I thought about turning on the computer, but that seemed too...real. Like if I told someone I was going to write a book, and I didn't actually do it---woah, I'd feel pretty lame. So I hand-wrote an entire notebook before I finally turned on the computer to make it official.
2.)  Did you have any particular motivators while writing Highland Destiny, i.e. a special place to create, foods, music etc.?
Oh coffee, lots of coffee :) I write mainly at night when the kids are in bed, so I always need something to keep me awake, and I have to write with music on---I know a lot of authors don't do that, but I have a writing playlist on my ipod.

 3.)  Given the chance to time travel, where/when would you choose to visit and why?
oooh, good question. I think I'd go to the Regency, or right before. Highland Destiny takes place in 1792 (a decade or so before the Regency Era), so the Scots were allowed to wear their plaids again, but they also were more politically involved with England, and I'd love to go to a ball, have a man in a kilt ask me to dance. *sigh*

 4.)  In this digital age...what is your stance on E-readers vs. traditional books?  Love it...hate it - take it...leave it?
I have a Nook and I love it! I was reading a lot on my phone before my husband surprised me with my Nook, but at the same time, I could never give up reading a paperback, I keep all my favorite series in hard copies.

Are fans want to know 

Any appearances scheduled for 2012?
yes, I have one coming up on the 23rd---it's a book signing at the Paseo Verde Library from 2:30-4:30
          Paseo Verde Library (702) 492-7252    280 S Green Valley Pky, Henderson, NV

Can we look forward to an upcoming release?
I am soo close to finishing a novella titled Highland Games, and I hope to have that out by spring. Highland Betrayal will be next, and that will be full-length.
What was your favorite Christmas memory or present (or both if you don't mind sharing)?
I loved watching the kids' faces just light up when they saw their gifts under the tree. We had dinner at my parents' house with my sister's family too, and the kids just had so much fun--they were more excited to give their cousins gifts than to get them! I was so proud :)
Any New Year's resolutions?
Yes, to write more. Sounds funny since I write for a living, but I haven't had much time to write since my husband switched jobs.

 If given a blank check that you had to spend on yourself, what would you spend the money on?
Oh, books, lots of books :) Maybe a horse or two. 
Any hobbies, interests or special talents you'd like to enlighten us about?
I crochet badly, but everyone in my family wears my lopsided scarves anyway ;) And my daughter is learning to ride horses. I've been riding with her almost every week now, and I can't wait to add a lot of what I've learned into my next book...like how Highlanders would probably not have those "destriers" we read about--those were super expensive war horses and most would have a huge draft horse, since they were more readily available and had the constitution to carry the warriors. 

 What's Your Highland Destiny?

For more about Laura Hunsaker visit her website at www.laurahunsaker.wordpress.com


  1. That's my girl! I just love Laurie, She a wonderful friend, writer & co-blogger.


  2. Awesome Interview Laurie, Miss you all and I will be looking for you book for my reader that is for sure!

  3. I totally agree! I love my e-reader but will never give up collecting all of my favorite books in hardback! ;) Great interview ♥

  4. Laurie, I couldn't put down Highland Destiny when I read it.

    So, please...get to work on more!

  5. Great interview Laurie : ) I kinda want one of your scarves now : D Can't wait for your next book!


  6. Great post, Laura. Good luck with the new book!

  7. Great Post! Good luck with your new book Laura!!

  8. Thank you everyone for such lovely comments :)

    Annie, ask Leah about the hat I made her for Christmas...supposed to be a beret, looks like a mushroom :/