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Monday, January 2, 2012

Cassandra Carr ~ Head Games Bk.1 Buffalo Intimidators

Are you a sports fan kind of girl? Or do you not watch it all? 
Well let me tell you after you read this book you are going to be searching- How to play Ice Hockey, What are the rules? Where can I find one.. or two of my own?

Head Games (Buffalo Intimidators, #1)
BUY IT HERE: Siren Publishing, Amazon, B&N


Leo Laporte and Scott Schaeffer are teammates on the ice and roommates off it who also share women. They’ve been coming into Kelly Chase’s bistro after games for months, and they know they want her. As the attraction grows, the men realize they want more than a one-night stand - they want forever.
Kelly’s not so sure. Yes, she wants both men. But a permanent ménage relationship? That’s taking giving her heart away to a whole new level, and a chance she’s hesitant to take. Then Leo is injured and Scott’s on the trading block, and she realizes this may be her only shot at true, everlasting love.
There are so many questions swirling around inside Kelly’s head. Can she believe in Leo and Scott’s love? And will her business and her reputation survive once people find out she’s with two men?


All I can say is that if you are not a fan of or have not had the of pleasure of reading Cassandra Carr already, after this book you will be as addicted to her as I am for sure! In this book Cassandra gives us a fantastic menage m/f/m story about two best friend-hockey goalkeepers (Leo & Scott) and their love interest (Kelly), a local restaurant owner.

Leo & Scott are two famous goalkeepers for the Intimidators and just like the best friends do, they are they love to share. The guys think they have found their third in restaurant owner Kelly Chase. They have all flirted and joked around, but little does Kelly realize that these boys are not playing around, they are keeps.

After many months and lots of discussions on how this will work, Leo and Scott make their move. Kelly is overwhelmed, surprised, and very ready for her men. But as with any relationship there are struggles and in this high-profile, unconventional relationship, can they make it last?

Miss Carr does a fantastic job portraying the struggles of a menage relationship; the emotions, political and social aspects, and the deliciousness of one as well. You will love the banter between the characters and will quickly become a fan. Wonderful happily ever ending ending and I can't wait to see what's next as this is only book 1 in the new series! GO INTIMIDATORS!

Excerpt ~

Scott pulled her out of the car and walked with her to the door. Both guys kept their hands to themselves all the way up the elevator, but when the door to the apartment shut behind them, it was like a switch had been turned on. Leo came up behind her and removed her coat while Scott attacked the buttons on the front of the dress, right there in the foyer. “You need to be naked.”

“I’m not going to be the only one, I hope.”

“Fuck no, honey, but you’re gonna be the first.”

Leo crouched at her feet and helped support her as she stepped out of the dress. Rising, he lifted her with shocking ease and carried her into the bedroom, throwing her onto the bed and following shortly thereafter as a huff of laughter escaped her. He covered her, his weight pressed dominantly over hers, and attacked the slim column of her neck with long sweeps of his tongue and little nips with his lips and teeth. Kelly looked up to find Scott next to the bed, shucking his clothes while he watched his friend kiss her. When he was naked, she gave him a thorough perusal and then watched as he fisted his cock, spreading the gathering pre-cum over the plum-colored head.

Leo turned, seeing her staring at Scott, and chuckled. “You like what you see? Why don’t you go investigate it a little closer?” He rolled off of her and then onto the floor and began to dispose of his own clothing as she crawled toward Scott, her eyes fixated on the long, thick pillar of flesh he stroked ever so slowly.

She licked her lips and he groaned. “You’re killing me.” Taking her hand, he guided it to his cock and let her take over as he thrust into her fist. “Will you suck my cock? I missed you so much.”

“I want to,” she admitted. “I want to taste you.”

Scott groaned again and guided her down onto his cock. “Fuck yes, that’s it, baby. You make me feel so good.” She hummed and he gasped, sinking further into her mouth to the point where she had to consciously open her throat and stifle her gag reflex. He moved back immediately. “I’m sorry, baby, it just feels so fucking good. It’s been days since I had my dick in your mouth, and my control isn’t great.”

She pulled off him long enough to say, “I’m not going to break, Scott, you don’t have to be gentle with me.”

He tipped up her chin. “Be careful what you wish for.” With that, he plunged back into her mouth.

Leo pushed her thighs apart from behind her and sought out her wetness. “Shit, man, she’s soaking.”

“So do something about it.”

Kelly felt his tongue lapping at her pussy and released a strangled cry, her mouth still full of Scott’s cock. Scott hissed and continued to pump into her mouth with slow, deep strokes. Soon, she heard the crinkle of a condom wrapper, and then Leo was pushing into her from behind. Scott helped her brace her arms on the edge of the bed as Leo pulled back and then plunged forward again.

The combination of having Scott in her mouth and Leo in her pussy sent her already frazzled nerve endings into overdrive. Then Leo reached down and began to make small, tight circles around her clit, and she flew apart, moaning around Scott’s cock as her muscles milked Leo. Both men stiffened, and Scott’s semen poured onto her waiting tongue while Leo’s filled the condom. When Scott was finally finished, he staggered back a step, his now-softening cock falling out of her mouth.

“Kelly…” was all Scott got out as he struggled for breath. She turned and flopped onto her back on the bed, watching each man in turn as they came back to earth. Scott leaned against the wall and Leo was sitting back on his heels.

Leo turned and smirked. “You are far too alert. Obviously, you need more orgasms.”

“It would take an awful lot of orgasms to make me lose consciousness,” Kelly retorted, giggling.

“Is that a challenge?” He looked at Scott. “I think our girl just threw down the gauntlet.”

“Gimme another minute and I’ll take it up.”

“I’ll get rid of this and then I’ll help.”

Kelly found herself with a silly grin on her face. She’d already come tonight, and it looked like the guys were nowhere near done with her. Sure enough, Leo returned and grabbed her ankles, pulling her down until her legs were hanging off the end of the bed. “What was this about a challenge?”

“I didn’t—” The rest of her protest was cut off when he separated the swollen lips of her pussy and swept his tongue through. Her back arched, and he grabbed her hips, keeping her in place for his relentless assault.

Scott pushed away from the wall, climbing onto the bed again. “No matter. I can catch up.” Plumping her breast just as Leo had done earlier, he took it into his mouth and began a series of hard pulls. The sensations flew straight to her pussy and combined with the magic of Leo’s mouth to create a maelstrom of pleasure. Scott switched to the other breast, covering the first with his hand, and Leo pushed two fingers into her pussy. Her breathing sped up as the men continued to work her.

“Can I try this?” Leo asked her, lightly circling her anus with a finger.

“Yes, just don’t stop.”

He chuckled a little, and if she hadn’t been so lost in the sensations, she would’ve kicked him. “Honey, we’re not gonna stop until we’ve wrung every last shred of pleasure out of your delectable body.”

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