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Friday, October 14, 2011

Do you like 3-D?

I am a huge movie fan, but lately I have been staying away because I am going bonkers over all this 3-D crap!

What is it with 3-D? Is this the 80's all over again? There truly isn't that much of a difference in the movie and I get the biggest headache from wearing the goofy glasses; half-way through, I need to take them off and rest my eyes. Oh and did I complain yet about paying $3 dollars more for the "RENTAL" of the nasty, unwashed, germ filled, ugly glasses?

Like I was saying what is this the 80's? Have you seen how many 80's remakes are coming out or being looked at to be remade? Come on Hollywood - are you running out of scripts to the point that you need to continue remaking great movies into crap? I guess not, since you have slotted movies like The Thing, Footloose, Top Gun, Romancing the Stone, Weird Science, Red Dawn, and Dirty Dancing to be remade.

Please, Hollywood don't even try to remake a John Hughes movie - they are priceless and you will just wind up ruining them.

So are you planning on seeing any of these movies?

If so what and if not why? You know Footloose starts today...

Footloose (2011) Poster

1984                                 2011

The Thing

The Thing (2011) poster

1982                                      2011

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