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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do you read F/F reads? Check out Skylar Kade's new release ~ Violet.

I have noticed lately that a lot of people are publishing M/M romance books but not a lot of F/F books. Why is that?? I'm not sure myself but I do love to read the ones that are out there. Recently I asked my twitter friends to give me some suggestions for F/F reads. I was pleasantly surprised I'm not the only one out there looking. Some suggestions I got were :
Wanton WomenBite With HeightRed Roses and Shattered Glass
                                     Miranda Forbes       Lucy Felthouse    JS Wayne                                     

That same day I was speaking with an author friend and she informed me she was publishing her own F/F read. Who is this you ask? When is it released? What is it called? Where do you get it?
Well to answer those questions....
Violet (FF) 

Who is it? Skylar Kade
When is it released? 10/11/11
What is it called?  Violet
Where do you get it?
 Siren Publishing
**This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, October 18th.

[Siren Allure: Erotic Alternative Romance, F/F, sex toys]

Elise Brockmann is on a cross-country pilgrimage to honor her beloved late grandmother when she is struck with a startling realization: she hates her monotonous, monochromatic life, and she has no idea how to change it. Violet Cortina, a local artist, becomes Elise's guide and lover. Sparks fly from their first meeting, and their relationship blossoms as Elise rediscovers her passion for life.
Violet appears to have her life in order, but she's keeping a dark secret—her house is overflowing with her family's hand-me-down possessions. Though hurt by Violet's reticence, Elise insists on helping Violet, and together they clean out the beautiful home that reminds Elise of the stable family life she longs for.

It is only when Elise is forced to take a hard look at her life—and sees how far Violet is willing to go to keep her—that she exchanges her grandmother's journey for her own: loving Violet.


I scrambled back to my knees and pulled her closer to me with my hands on her ass. “Oh, not this, too,” I said, leaning around her side to get a closer look. “You have the nicest ass I’ve ever seen.”
She snorted. “Get up here, silly woman. You’re not naked yet, and I want you to be.”
I shook my head. She reached for my arms to pull me up, but I stopped her with a swipe of my tongue across her panty-covered clit. I could feel her heat, taste her wetness, and I needed more. She moaned and froze.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
I eased her onto the bed, which sat at the perfect height for me to do all kinds of naughty things to her if I sprawled on the carpet.
“Let’s get these off of you,” I said, eager to feel her against my tongue.
She nodded once and then arched up so I could slide the yellow bikini over her ass. Her eyes locked on mine as I dragged the silk down her legs. My eyes flicked back to see the spoils of my efforts, and a spectacular sight greeted me. Her lower lips glistened with arousal, shaved and silky and dusky. I knew her flesh would be sweeter than ice cream.

I spread her legs further apart and basked in the glory of her sensual beauty. She leaned back on her elbows, thick, dark hair tumbling over her shoulders and eyes smoldering in my direction. Her curves enticed me, and my taste buds lit up in anticipation. Inches from her core, I paused and looked up at Violet. Her shallow, rapid breathing made her breasts shimmy, still framed by her bra, and I couldn’t decide what to taste first.

“Elise,” she said, “please...touch me!”

The heady smell of her wetness made me forget about the other naughty, teasing things I wanted to do. There would be time for that later. I nibbled the indent of her hip and trailed kisses down until my lips were level with her clit. The little bauble of nerves begged to be licked, and I complied. She cried out when my tongue flickered across her sweet spot, and she fell back onto the bed.
“More, more,” she said, hands threading through my hair. She didn’t direct my movements, but knowing she could have—knowing she was almost frantic enough to—made me hotter.
I started tracing the alphabet with my tongue, making her clitoris the center of each letter. Her cries turned into one continuous moan, and her fingers tightened. The erotic pull on my scalp incited me to lick faster.

I skimmed my palm along her torso and extended two fingers toward her mouth.

“Suck these for me,” I asked, pausing between licks of Q and R. She obliged, and I continued. I could feel the vibration of her cries against my fingers as her wet mouth sucked and pulled.

“I’m going to make you come for me, baby. How does that sound?”

She nodded around my fingers, and I pulled my hand back so she could answer fully. Besides, I had plans for that hand.

“Yes, oh, yes.” She writhed, and I watched her, not touching or tasting her. “Elise, I need your hands on me. Tongue me, finger me, just...make me come!”

“Happy to oblige.” I circled her opening with my fingers. The smooth flesh was soaking wet. Instead of penetrating her, I tasted her, licking from the bottom of her slit up to the top.

“Mmm, don’t you taste good.”

Her breathing picked up even more.

I replaced my mouth with my fingers. “Do you want these inside you?”

“Yes!” Her hands unwound from my hair to pull through her own. I recognized her frustration, and I wanted to stoke it higher.

“Stretching you and fucking you and fingering your G-spot?”

“Elise, yes, please.” Her bent knees formed barriers on either side of my head until I could see nothing but the beautiful, wet pussy in front of me. My eyes homed in on her soft lips, begging to be touched. A shuddering inhale dizzied me with her delicious scent, and I was a goner. I eased my pointer finger inside her. She was tight, but aroused enough for more. My second finger slipped in. I flicked a “come hither” motion, beckoning her to orgasm. She sighed and panted, but I wanted more, needed more, from her.

Pushing deeper, I found the knot of nerves that would set her off like a firecracker. I used my free hand to gently press on her writhing pelvis and the other to massage her G-spot. Her torso spasmed up from the bed, and her eyes were wide, frantic.

“Don’t stop! God that feels amazing,” she gasped.

I moved my top hand downward to spread the folds protecting her clitoris. I wanted her incoherent and knew just how to get her there. My tongue flickered across the swollen nub, and her moans jumped an octave.

“Yes, yes, yes,” became her mantra.

I replaced tongue with lips and sucked her clit into my mouth. Her body went into overdrive, shaking and twitching. I fingered her faster, sucked harder, and her yeses turned into one long cry of pleasure.

“So close,” she managed to enunciate.

My free hand drifted lower until I reached her ass. Experimentally, I circled the tight opening. She squealed and thrust her hips into my touch. I focused on the small, puckered entrance, massaging it with the pad of my thumb.

Her fingers laced through my hair again, this time pulling me closer to her pussy. She writhed against my lips and pushed my fingers deeper into her wetness and my thumb harder against her ass.

Wow what an excerpt :) Skylar was so wonderful she even answered a few questions for us. 

Dawn A lot of authors are writing M/M , why you have decided to write F/F?
Skylar ~ Because I love challenging taboos. And while manlove might still be a social stigma, in the erotic romance world, we readers are all over it. Besides, I wanted to write something sweet and tender, and when I wrote a male lover for my heroine, Elise, it just didn't feel right.

Dawn ~ What makes your F/F book stand out from the others that are out there?
Skylar ~It's not about the sex. Yes, it's there, and it's hot (I hope) but at the heart this is a love story. It's a story that isn't gender-restricted--you could make either character a man, and the story itself wouldn't change. Except for the strap-on part...unless the heroine-turned-hero was that adventurous!

Dawn ~ Do you think that same sex reads are passing fad?
Skylar ~ I hope not! I think they have the potential to do more to change societal misconceptions about same-sex love than anything else. Same-sex romances--not the straight erotica, the romances--show that love is love is love, no matter your gender. Some TV shows had the chance to show that (and some succeed) but others just perpetuated the myth that gay men and women are hornier than the rest of us. Which, if it's true, straight folks need to get off their rears and have better sex!

Dawn ~ Is writing a same sex book more difficult? If so how?
Skylar ~ It was harder for two reasons. First, when you're writing a MF book, you have gender stereotypes that, to an extent, can provide conflict and tension: think the high-powered executive meets the ball-busting woman of his dreams. But in "Violet," the women were more similar than they were different, so I had to dig deep into their characters for tension. No falling back on the clash of the genders! Second, I went into this knowing it might only see the light of day if I self-published it, and I was fine with that. But writing something in erotic romance that is still taboo, still passed over, was intimidating.

Dawn ~ What was your favorite thing about writing this book?
Skylar ~ This is the first book I've written were I think you can take out the sex and still have a deeply satisfying read. It's also the first book I've written where I dreamed about the characters--they pulled me in that much.

Dawn ~ Tell us something about yourself that has helped you in your writing career.
Skylar ~ I have the best romance reading and writing friends a girl could ask for. They don't let me crawl into my writing cave (or any other cave, for that matter) and always know how to cheer me up--usually with an awesomely sexy book recommendation (yes, I'm talking about you Dawn, aka -DrmGrl99).

Dawn ~ What can we expect from you next?
 Skylar ~ Oh gawd...Maison Chronicles III is on the editorial chopping block, and I have another high-emotion, low-kink romance simmering on the back burner. And I think I'll tackle another F/F romance, if only to be contrary. We all seem so inured to sex and menage and kink. I love butting up against something that makes erotic romance readers stop and consider whether they can read it or not.

I can't wait to read this! I love Skylar Kade's other books and after that excerpt I'm positive I'm going to eat this one up quickly :) Thank you to Skylar for answering some questions and if you have any questions for her please feel free to ask. xoxo

 You can find Skylar Kade around the web at:
Group Blog:http://ninenaughtynovelists.blogspot.com/

Skylar also has a FREE read on her group blog -Check it out you will laugh your head off!!


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  2. Great interview ladies.I have read some F/F books and really enjoyed them.Thanks for sharing that steamy excerpt.I'll definitely be adding this to the TBR list.