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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whispers In The Dark ~ Sahara Kelly & S.L. Carpenter

Looking for a little N'Awlins Voodoo & some kinky ghosts to spice up your Halloween reading list? Look now further!

Whispers in the DarkNew Release from
Decadent Publishing

Author: Sahara Kelly & S.L. Carpenter
Title: Whispers in the Dark 

Re-release was titled "Love Alley" 2005
Release Date:
October 28, 2011 
Length: Novella

Blurb ~

When Louis Beekman inherits a run-down Louisiana plantation, he takes up residence and begins working on it, only to realize he's not the only spirit living there. Louis needs help - of the psychic kind - and Cory Lavalle is the answer to his problems. She's also the answer to his dreams, but before he can fully enjoy the present, the two of them must find a way to fix the past. They give "laying ghosts" a new meaning...

Excerpt ~


The door swung open almost immediately, and Cory found herself face-to-face with one of the best-looking men she’d seen in quite some time. Longish dark hair brushed his shoulders, and he wore nothing more than a rather snug pair of well-worn cutoffs with an open waistband. She didn’t get chance to check out much else though, since as soon as he laid eyes on her he silently mouthed the word “help” and took her in his arms.
“What’s your name?” He whispered the question under his breath.
“Er…Cory.” She had to think for a minute.
“Cory…sweetheart…I can’t believe you’re here. At last. I’ve missed you so much.” He pulled her close, an intriguing fragrance of man and sawdust encompassing her. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a blonde almost wearing a bikini and staring at them with her mouth open. Cory had little time to evaluate the situation, however, since a firm hand slipped to her chin and turned her face upward. “I don’t think I could’ve lasted another day without my fiancĂ©e at my side.”
Stunned, Cory stood there as this lovely man proceeded to kiss the crap out of her.
There was no delicate foreplay…this was an open-your-mouth-and-get-ready-to-fuck type kiss. Tongues twined, interplaying with a suddenly dexterous skill, astounding Cory. He tasted of sweet man and tart lemonade with a hint of toothpaste, a seductively unique flavor.
She found herself breathless, not so much from the unexpected assault on her lips as from the sensation of rising desire billowing up from her toenails to her eyebrows, and swamping her with a passionate heat the likes of which she’d never envisioned in her wildest sexual fantasies.
Her brain swirled and shut down conscious thought, leaving her adrift in a sea of visions mostly involving her and him and a lot of naked skin.
She felt her hands move over his arms to his shoulders and his neck, fingers digging into his muscles and finally twining through his damp hair. He groaned a little, deep in his throat, a sound which echoed within Cory. She pressed herself against him as his hold on her tightened.
They were flame to kindling, cock to pussy. Super heating, approaching-the-red-line pussy. If the kiss went on for one minute more, Cory was going to forcibly strip him and fuck him right there with the front door open and the sun shining on them, mosquitoes be damned.
As her wits gathered up their panties from the floor of her mind, Cory realized she was in the arms of the new owner of Love Alley. The man who had requested her help.
Before she succumbed once more to the lure of his kiss, she realized something else, too.
He had unusual eyes. One was blue, and the other was grey.

Review ~

Does Real Love every die?

In this story we start off learning about Claudine, a beautiful madam of the best New Orleans bordello in the early 1800's. Claudine is in love with Baptiste, this is a forbidden love for the times they live in, but a love that can not be denied even in death.

Jump ahead 200 years to present day - Louis Beekman inherits a house from his grandfather. Well house really doesn't do this 1800's New Orleans Plantation called "Love Alley" any justice. Although it is broken down and in need of lots of repairs, Louis can't help but be drawn to it and its history - back in its heyday it was known as a brothel with a wild past.

Louis sets out on restoring this place back to it's old beauty, but while doing so he is interrupted by lots of very interesting...things =) Some of which Louis is so unsure of how to handle so he contacts physic Cory Lavalle to help him.

Cory Lavalle has a link to this place - she is a direct descendant from Claudine and has been told stories while growing up about this place. Once Cory arrives she knows that she needs to be there. There is a mystery here that is screaming at her, something that she and Louis need to solve - TOGETHER.

I really enjoyed this book; this wasn't a book that grabbed me from the first page, but after the first chapter... I was in and, once in, I didn't want out until I was completely and thoroughly done. I absolutely loved the characters—Louis - a strong, sexy, funny, laid back kind of guy. Cory - somewhat of a loner it seemed, physic, knows what she wants kinda girl. Oh but it's not just these two characters I loved–Oh no! Watch out for Honey, Maurice (yummy), and I can't forget the twins =) All these characters along with those sexy N'Awlins accents *shivers* can't help but just love it.

While this book scorches up the pages with it's steamy hot sex scenes it also delivers on a wonderful love story. Sahara Kelly and SL Carpenter have once again created an amazing book. When I think of these two authors together you get

Sahara Kelly - the proper lady who knows how to be very naughty and creative +
SL Carpenter -  the every so comical handy man who likes getting his hands (maybe even a little more than just his hands) dirty =

A good time for sure.

So what else is there to say but -

Laissez les bon temps roulees 
Let the good times role

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