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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My "Must Have" Release Week Reads 10/11

Beverly Rae
Releases 10/11/11
ClawedHis beast could rip out her heart…if she doesn’t claim his first.
Wild Things, Book 3
Chloe Long has cleaned up her last mess where her now ex-boyfriend is concerned. Desperate to clear her mind of her last images of him—in her bed with another woman, then with his hand around her throat—she heads for the mountains. The one place that refreshes her spirit.
Conan Cahill’s sojourn in the North Carolina mountains was supposed to be a break from the demands of his bear-shifter people…and the smell of humans. When he discovers a human female secretly sketching his naked body, though, his reaction catches him off guard. Not only does her scent rouse an aching need to touch and taste, her stubborn refusal to give up the drawing makes his body twitch in some very pleasurable ways.
Trapped with Conan in her tent during a storm, all thoughts of sleeping alone fly out of Chloe’s mind. She can’t help but grab something more than forty winks in her sleeping bag. They come together like thunder and lightning, but there’s danger beyond the rain. And the stirring of a love that may not survive their differences.
Warning: Getting back to nature is hot and wild. If you’re not ready to meet the mountain man of your dreams, stay in the city. 

Elle Kennedy
Take Me Home Tonight
Releases 10/11/11

Take Me Home Tonight
One unforgettable night…a lifetime of regret?
Welcome to Paradise, Book 2
Three years. That’s how long Maddie’s been running the reception desk at Owen Bishop’s construction company—and waiting for her sexy boss to wake up and realize she’s more woman than the airhead bimbos he seems to prefer.
Even after her friends spring an ambush makeover on her, Owen barely notices. Apparently shedding her one-of-the-guys, tomboy looks isn’t enough. Looks like it’s time to step up her game, even if it means looking for lessons in all the wrong places.

While Owen can’t help but notice Maddie’s stunning transformation, the truth is, he likes her just the way she is—polished up or dressed down. Like his playboy father, though, he’s always been restless when it comes to women. Maddie’s friendship is too important to risk hurting her.
When Maddie shows up at his door ready to rock his world, all his resistance crumbles. But in the back of his mind, the question remains…how can she trust him with her vulnerable heart, when he’s not sure he can trust himself?

Sylvia Day
Releases 10/11/11
Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic RomanceSteamlust is romantic erotica that reflects the excitement, fantasy and rebellion of steampunk. Not sure what steampunk is? Think Victorian elegance and aesthetics meets futuristic invention and exploration. The genre of steampunk itself has transcended the Victorian (or Edwardian) eras — in Kristina Wright's inventive anthology, it can be any time period, real or imagined, that blends elements of science, history, fantasy and technology. Until Steamlust, the genre had been missing romantic relationships and erotic encounters. Steampunk erotic romance is shiny brass and crushed velvet; mechanical inventions and romantic conventions; sexual fantasy and kinky fetish. It's steam powered sexy romance!
Editrix extraordinaire Kristina Wright creates a lush and fantastical world of women-centered stories and romantic scenarios, first for steampunk fiction. Fetishizing the wardrobe, language, fantasy and rituals of steampunk, Steamlust includes alternate histories, second worlds, time travel and contemporary settings.

What are you reading?

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