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Friday, October 21, 2011

Masquerade ~ Gabrielle Bisset ~ Review

Masquerade (Victorian Erotic, #3)

Author: Gabrielle Bisset
Title: Masquerade
Series: The Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy, Bk. 3
Release Date: August 23, 2011


Blurb ~

Annelisa Fielding has had the blessings of wealth her entire life, thanks to her industrialist father. However, there is one thing even he can't give her: a title. So he arranges a marriage between his daughter and the Earl of Swindon, Thornton Sutcliffe. As long as his future bride is a virgin, the Earl will tolerate the marrying down because in return for taking Annelisa as his wife, her father will pay off his debts. Everyone wins, as far as the men are concerned, but Annelisa wants more out of marriage than a title and is willing to wait.

But she won't be able to wait if she doesn't find some way out of the marriage and fast because the deal is in one month she'll become Lady Annelisa Sutcliffe. The solution to her problem? Count Nikolai Shetkolov, a diplomat in the service of the Tsar and stationed in England. An honorable man, he's the perfect person to help a young lady lose the one thing her odious future husband prizes most. But Annelisa must watch out or she may get more than she bargained for with Nikolai.

Review ~

It’s official Gabrielle Bisset fans and fans-to-be—1878 London is so much more exciting than 2011 Nevada!  Might I recommend you get yourself a copy of Masquerade and dive in to this book?  I adore these characters; Annalisa is intelligent, willful and quick-witted, and Nikolai is sexy as sin, playful and romantic. 
Annalisa Fielding is a 25-year-old exceptionally educated woman whose marriage has been arranged for her, much to her dismay.    Mr. Fielding has attained substantial wealth in his chemical business, but cannot provide his heirs with a prestigious title.  Lord Sutcliffe possesses a title which puts him at a higher social status, but he is virtually penniless.  Seems to be a win-win, right?  Maybe for all involved excluding Annalisa!  Why on earth would such a modern thinking woman put up with betrothal to a man double her age?  Upon overhearing that her virginity is of utmost importance, a real deal breaker, she devises a plan.  With an upcoming masquerade party—her father’s Russian diplomatic friend, Nikolai Shetkolov—and a mask in hand, she sets out to lose her virginity.  For such an educated woman, she certainly gets herself into quite a mess with her foolish scheming.  BUT…Nikolai, well educated himself, is quite the match when it comes to scheming. 
If you have a few spare hours and a bag of Kit-Kats (or carrots for healthier people who will live 1.7 years longer than me), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be reading Masquerade right now!

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The Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy
Vampire Dreams Love's Master Masquerade

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review of Masquerade. I'm so happy you liked it!