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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Introducing Mrs. Missive

I'm so excited to introduce you all to my new guest reviewer!!! I have know Mrs. Missive for about a year now. We met on Goodreads and it has progress from then. This year at RT12 we actually got to meet in person and spend a little time together (LOVED meeting her). Since we have such simular reading habits I figured why not see if she was interested in guest reviewing and she said YES. So here's a little about Mrs. Missive...


I'm Mrs. Missive, but you can call me Mrs. I got my first Kindle ereader in 2009. I somehow convinced my husband that I would unearth our home from the piles of books I was collecting. Heh. My bookshelf is groaning that that big ol' lie.

I have always read romance novels, but then I read a little story called Babysitting the Baumgartners by Selena Kitt. Well, lets just say, after that bit of hormone electrocution, I jumped on the Erotic Romance train and haven't looked back since. I started a little group on Goodreads after a bunch of like-minded folks agreed we needed to jump the Amazon forum ship and deflect somewhere else. Kindle Smut was started, and through the amazing ladies there, Mrs. Missive, the Supersmut Siren was born. She's my alter-ego, who is desperately trying to take over.

I have traveled to places I wouldn't have, and met some fantastic people, authors included, through cyberspace, and it's all due to Erotic Romance. I started reviewing last year to basically keep track of what I read. I mean...let's be honest, how many of you have bought the same book multiple times? It's even worse when you realize it was one you hated!

I like to laugh, and I love to see humor coming through in the authors I read. My all time favorite, fangirl squeal-inducing authors are Sophie Oak and Mary Hughes. These women have inspired me and kept me sane through their writing. They help me escape reality. I am always in search of the next author to inspire me to attack my husband for a mid-afternoon boink in the laundry room. So I love reading new and undiscovered authors. I hope I can bring a smile to your face through a review, and introduce you to someone who will make you squeal too.

Mrs. Missive


  1. You snuck this one in there on me lady! *waves*

    Hope we all find some book awesome together.

    1. Thanks for joining us :) I see lots of fun in our future xoxo