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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Let's give a Rockabilly Welcome to Miss Lila Dubois!!

yRocking the Rockabilly Look
As a reader I love when a book takes me into a world I might otherwise never see, whether that’s because vampires aren’t real (OR ARE THEY?), or because I’ll just never have an opportunity to be a part of that community. The Undone Lovers series gives readers a glimpse into the world and fashion of Rockabilly. In the 1950’s the word Rockabilly was coined to describe a style of music that melded rock and country (which was referred to as hillbilly music). From that music style a subculture grew, especially when rockabilly music had a revival in the   70’s and 80’s. The subculture of rockabilly is about good music, dancing and style. Outside the music, rockabilly is perhaps most famous for female styles, which emulate the pin-up girls of the 50’s, but often add a harder, more modern edge.
Betty Gable, the original Pin-Up Girl
Beautiful, well dressed (if briefly) and both sexually powerful and alluringly submissive, pin-ups are probably some of sexiest icons of the last century.
My favorite of the pin-up girls is Bettie Page, a real life fetish and pin-up model from the 1950s. She’s gorgeous, she’s sexy, and she played both top and bottom.
Bettie Page was the inspiration for the heroine for Undone Rebel

Undone Rebel (Undone Lovers # 1)While Undone Rebel’s heroine is a rebel, and from a very specific rockabilly subculture that exists in LA, Lulu, the heroine of Undone Dom, is a girly girl.
Lulu’s personal style and love for the beauty and glamour she sees in retro clothing led her to open her own pin-up clothing store. She’s a well-dressed, good girl. She’s passionate about clothes and looking feminine, while still being a feminist. She takes pride in her style, and sees it as a way to tell the world that she’s both feminine and strong.
She’s a good girl.
Why do the good girls always attract the bad, bad boys?

Because Lulu owns a clothing store there’s a lot of fashion in Undone Dom (when she and the hero aren’t having explicit, hot BDSM sex).
As I was writing I did a lot of research (shopped on line) and watched many, many videos on how to do Rockabilly hair (which I have yet to master.)

I tracked fashions for the series on a pinterest board. http://pinterest.com/crazybutcute/undone-lovers-series/

My favorite outfits for Lulu are these:
It’s a pity she spends so little time wearing anything.
If you were going to rock a rockabilly look which would it be?

Look #1

Look #2