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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Exotica ~ Eden Bradley ~ Review

Exotica: Seven Days of Kama Sutra, Nine Days of Arabian NightsWelcome to Exotica...
a lush, sensual retreat where women can experience their most taboo fantasies.
Step inside—and leave your inhibitions at the door...
When her old friend Caroline invites her to Exotica for a week of pampering and pleasure, Lilli DeForrest has no idea what to expect. But when Rajan steps into her suite, the attraction is intense, immediate, overwhelming. He is her ideal lover—by turns tender, commanding, erotic. But, as Lilli is about to discover, Rajan's masterful touch is just the beginning...

As manager of the luxurious retreat, Caroline Winter creates thrilling escapist fantasies for other women. Now she's about to live out a fantasy of her own: dark, exotic Kian will challenge her to accept the exquisite pleasures he offers. But what Caroline doesn't expect is the power of Kian's sensuality...surrendering to him means abandoning herself completely—and giving up all control.

For Lilli, it's the chance to test the limits of her sexuality. For Caroline, it's trusting Kian with her most hidden desires even as she's uncovering his own guarded secret. And for both women, it's a journey into the hidden depths of fantasy—as they discover just how far they'll go in search of seduction, surrender, and pleasure beyond imagining...


Review ~

This is the first Eden Bradley book I've read,  but will not the last.  Loved it!

There are 1 of 5 theme's to choose from at the exclusive fantasy resort Exotica. Seven Days Of Kama Sutra is just what the title states...but there's really so much more.The first story in this 2 story tale is  about Lilli (a girl "like"your sister, friend or maybe even yourself) and Rahan (the name alone conjures up some HOT fantasies) - both not sure what the future holds for them.

 I identified with Lilli, starting a new life, at almost 40, divorced and unsure of who she is now.  Can she learn to believe in herself and realize her potential...her dreams?  Lilli has more inside her than even she is aware of.

Rahan (mmm...) the Kama Sutra lover who gives his clients the ultimate fantasy, but he wants/needs more.  As he helps Lilli learn to believe in herself and her dreams, he also learns things about himself and his dreams. But will his pride get in the way of what's best for him and Lilli?  

For Ms. Bradley returning-readers and the new ones, this is a must read and I'd like to personally thank her for inviting me into the sensual and erotic fantasy of Exotica.

Nine Days of Arabian Nights, is the second book in Exotica by Eden Bradley.
As the newest theme at the fantasy resort Exotica, it had me wanting to make my reservation... NOW.A beautiful oasis setting, sheer silk hanging in the doorway moving sensually in the warm night breeze,  rich jeweled color pillows on the bed and floor,  hot sex... a gorgeous man and a beautiful woman. Did I mention extremely hot sex? 

Looking at the photo of Exotica newest companion Kian, Caroline decides she could use a fantasy of her own.  But why this man...Caroline asks herself (I know why and so will you).  Seeing Kian in person, Caroline now knows what has drawn her to him and unsure if she can go through with her fantasy. Caroline wonders what the relationship is between Kian and the owner of Exotica and why it feels as if Kian knows more about her than she does him.

Kian knows all about Caroline.  He knows exactly what she needs and is willing to give it to her (and boy does he...I did mention hot sex). But he didn't expect to fall for her. Kian is now in a precarious position, his promise to the owner of Exotica and his newly found feelings for Caroline.  Kian knows that he has to speak with Caroline before the truth comes out... if only he can find her.

Eden Bradley  takes you through an emotional and sexual roller coaster ride with Kian and Caroline. Climb on board, strap in and love the ride, I did.


  1. Was looking for the Decadent publishing post but found your review. Sounds like a must read to me and a series I have never read before so thanks for a new author interest. michelle31071 at suddenlink dot net

  2. Great review! Yet another book I'll have to put on my wish list!


  3. Looks like another good book from Eden Bradley. Thanks for the review!