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Sunday, November 25, 2012

While Dawn's away... Kat's gonna play!

*tiptoes* Dawn? Dawn! hahaha nobody's home soooo I'm gonna make myself comfy. Don't worry. I can be here... I have the keys. See? *jingles keys* Oh! I should tell you who I am. I'm Kat :) Hi!
Yes! Dawn knows me. I have proof! *pulls photo out of wallet* Me 'n Dawn. I adore Dawn and she said I come play. I am going to plaster this board with pics of my favorite eye candy... Cause on my blog- I don't get to to that... Well, I could, cause it's mine :P But I haven't yet and Dawn has on Daydrmzzz and what better place to share my favorite day dream than here? Sooo... *shrugs*

My #1 daydream star.... Jensen Ackles!
(He stars on Supernatural on the CW in case
you are new to the Jensen love)
that smile...


Those eyes...


Yep- Let's blame my single status on the fact that Jensen is married and Dean is fiction lol
I hope you've enjoyed the pretty and that you will stop by my little corner of the web at
www.thebooktart.com and see what I have going on...
Oh! Oh! I have a new fiction release database cause I get a smidge obsessed... you may have guessed. lol Anyway... I took my book obsession and my NEED to know when new books are coming out and I hired a programmer (cause I know nothing about programing!) and they created database that is still a work in progress. But it's pretty cool and you can view new fiction by DATE.
The month of December has over 2000 new books with more being added all the time. Click HERE to see the database. I am hoping to have a wish list function by the end of the year, cause it's a LOT of work to scroll through everything and try to remember what looks good.

*whispers* I'm planning on sneaking back here next week cause I miss Dawn! and well, it's fun to play over here too. She has different toys. :P
(((hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts


  1. Gah! Are ya trying to kill me here? You know we both fight over him. Oh wait...no, we kinda share. Sort of. Helps that Dean isn't real. All bets are off if I was a guest star on the show tho.


    Because seriously, I wanna be that blonde from the Oktoberfest thingie episode with all the movie monsters. Or...even better. Anna. Hello backseat of the Impala. That's better than a 5 star hotel if you ask me. The whole damn thing probably smells like him.


    Okay, probably cheeseburgers too, but I no care.

    Have I possibly thought about this too much?


    Loved the Dean-tastic post, Kat. You left me grinning.

    1. Bwahaha smells like him and cheese burgers :) you have put a lot of thought into this I like how your imagination works lol

  2. Hey, it's gotta be a three way share! Oooh, that sounded so naughty! LOL
    We've all agreed we LOVE Jensen *sigh* Great job, Kat! Now this is the WAY to take over Dawn's blog hehehe! 😃

  3. I loves to share the pretty :) mmmmm
    I adore you girls and I'm glad my takeover made you smile! Lol Jensen makes me smile and sigh and dream ;)
    (((hugs)))) Kat

  4. Mmmm, he is gorgeous & I really need to start watching supernatural!

    1. Oooohh! You should! You really should :) all the Winchester men are appealing. But Dean aka Jensen is my fav :)
      (((hugs))) Kat

    2. I've borrowed season 1 from a friend & I'm planning to watch it over Christmas :)

    3. Oohh! Tell us what you think :)