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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Brynn Paulin ~ All In ~Review

Do you like M/M Romance?

Today I'm talking to you about Brynn Paulin, does her name sound familiar to you? If not keep reading you will not want to miss out. If you have been following me you would have read my review (7/8/11) of her Daly Way series. All I can say about that series is that I love it and want more!!

Last week I was on twitter (what a surprise, right- lol) talking to author Bronwyn Green about what to read this week. She referred me to Resplendence Publishing. This was the first time I had actually visited the site and it is actually pretty user friendly and WOW I was so excited to see all the great reads that were coming out and guess what? Brynn Paulin had a release! All In released 10/5 and even though I have a huge backlog of books to read I had to get my "fix" of Brynn.

All In (Erotic Gems Short) by Brynn PaulinAuthor: Brynn Paulin
Title: All In
Genere: M/M Gay Erotica
Length: Erotic Gems Short Story
Release Date: October 5, 2011
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Price: $0.99


When Erik Porter’s friends dared him to kiss a random guy at the bar, he never thought things would take a turn for the steamy. The dare leads to a connection he never expected and a night he’ll never forget.


What happens when a bar bet turns your life and everything you thought you wanted inside-out?
Eric Porter is a smart, good looking pre-med student that has everything going for him. He has great friends, lots of available girlfriends at his beck & call, and is almost done with schooling. What more could a guy ask for?
Eric's friends know he is a sucker for a bet/challenge and see a great opportunity to mess with their friend by daring him to kiss a random guy that is sitting at the bar.
Joel, a bounty hunter was expecting a quiet night at his local bar when unbeknownst to him he has become the subject of a bet.
Joel offers Eric and experience to remember if he is up for the challenge – again, Eric is one not to back down from a bet/challenge and goes "All In".

I love Brynn Paulin's writing style and the characters she creates. She always seems to have characters you can relate too, no matter how short the story is. I really liked Joel's character he seemed really sweet and caring, yet became demanding and controlling when he needed to make his point.

The Lion and the Lady by Brynn PaulinThis is another great short story by Brynn Paulin and it looks like she has another release coming out - The Lion and The Lady, from Resplendence Publishing. I think I will be visiting this site a lot more  :)

 Have you read Brynn Paulin? What do you think?
    Reviewed by - Dawn


  1. Dawn, thanks for reviewing my book!!! I'm so glad it's being well received and I'm anxious to write another bounty hunter soon!! The Lion and The Lady will be out in 2012, but I have a couple other books still for 2011 :-)

  2. Loved reading All In & the Daly Way series. I'm anxiously waiting for the other books :) I hope they come out soon.