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Friday, November 4, 2011

J.S. Wayne ~ Angels Would Fall Series ~ Review

The other day I was on twitter and saw that Noble Romance was having their monthly party chat, so I decided why not ... I've read a few Noble books and have enjoyed them. I had a great time at the chat and even won a $20 gift card from Noble Romance. What did I buy??

Well, one of the authors that was chatting that day was J.S. Wayne. Until then, I had never heard of him but I'm so happy I went, cause after reading bits and pieces of excerpts he posted intrigued me so much I bought his Angel series, they just sounded so amazing that I had to have them.

Take a look at the books and you'll see why I had to have them :)

Angels Would Fall – #1


Take one more, ferry her along. Soulbearer Moradiel recounts his duties while collecting his latest assignment, nurse Ariel. Tragic accident--seems simple. But in the RN's final moments asleep at the wheel of her speeding car, stirrings grip Moradiel's angelic heart. Stirrings so forbidden that to simply give voice to them is to risk expulsion from his Heavenly abode.

Out of time and faced with the most difficult decision in his eternal existence, Moradiel finds himself torn between saving the only woman he's ever loved or throwing the balance between Heaven and Hell into chaos. Duty or desire? Moradiel must choose . . .


J.S. Wayne has a very fluid writing style. This book is a great, super-fast read that gets your feet (or wings) wet in this series! He does an excellent character build in such a short story. This book gets you hooked from the start and ready to move on to books #2 and #3! I highly recommend you get all three books at once, as you'll be smacking yourself on the forehead when you have to go on-line to get the others at 3 a.m.!

Angel of the Morning – #2

Blurb ~

Aurora, the Angel of the Morning, has just received good news: her husband, Benoth, banished from Heaven for joining with Lucifer, has been granted a temporary pass from Infernos. The Angel of Death, Azrael, has sought an audience with Benoth regarding his renegade assistant, Moradiel, and his mortal lover, Ariel.

Benoth, never one to pass up an opportunity, manages to arrange his time so that he will have the entire day with his beloved and dearly missed wife.

As the two reunite for the first time in decades, they find that their passion burns just as hot and bright as ever.

But time flies, even for angels and demons. And sundown is coming . . . .

Review ~

I love a good erotic romance written by a man! If you are looking for an in-between-novels short story, try Angel of the Morning - another great one by J.S. Wayne - Better yet, allow yourself the pleasure of reading all three in the Angels series :-)

This tale of two angel lovers apart for a significant length of time has you falling in love with them one moment and laughing the next (Chernobyl - it's all I'm sayin'). The entire book is a pro and a con...

Pros: The scenes are built to deposit you in the midst of what is transpiring between two very likable characters that enjoy "explosive sex."

Con: It left me wanting more from Aurora and Benoth, but only because I'm a greedy reader and always want more! As you can tell, the con is not really a con :-)

Angels Cry – #3

Blurb ~

Moradiel and his human consort, Ariel, are barely staying ahead of the Angel of Death and his wrath. Azrael is growing more impatient. He wants Moradiel punished and Ariel dead, once and for all, and is not particular how either comes about. Fellow angels offer Moradiel only limited aid—if they don't try to kill him outright. In desperation, the fugitives seek refuge in the last place any being would look for an angel: Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Maddened by Moradiel's defection from the heavenly Host, Azrael isn't sane. He arrives in Sin City to exact his vengeance and leaves Moradiel with a chilling warning: he intends to use Ariel for his own twisted pleasure before consigning her soul to Infernos.

Now, an unlikely band of humans and angels must come together to reunite Ariel's body and soul. But even darker news awaits them. Because Ariel did not die at the ordained time, the entire universe is on an inexorable countdown to oblivion.

A countdown that began with the first breath Ariel ever drew . . .


Finally - J.S. Wayne saved the best for last! This much longer story involves all the characters you have fallen in love with in books #1 and #2 and introduces a few more that are just as lovable. Also, Angels Cry is peppered with the refreshing use of poetic/literary terminology.

Dive in to this wonderful tale about angels and humans, broken rules and camaraderie. Get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions such as love, fear, lust and trust. I couldn't put it down and it actually made one of my work breaks run overtime; since I'm self employed and work from home, I'm having a hard time reprimanding myself for this!

I truly hope you enjoy this series as much as I have.

Reviewed by ~ 
So what do you think? Have you read these? Have you heard of J.S. Wayne?

To find out more about J.S. Wayne check out his website at ~ www.jswayne.wordpress.com

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