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Monday, November 28, 2011

Kelly Jamieson ~One Wicked Night ~Review

Warning: This book contains a nice girl who gets her naughty on with two hot men. M/M/F and M/M scenes may cause an increase in body temperature, pulse rate and respiration. Read with caution! For adult use only.

One Wicked Night 

Author : Kelly Jamieson
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: 10/25/2011
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary, Menage


The boys are back in town…

Ten years ago, Kaelin Daume spent a steamy summer home from college secretly hanging out with town bad boy Tyler Wirth and his best friend Nick Kernsted. The connection was warm, complicated, and came to a crashing end when she walked in on her two forbidden friends with another woman. The shocking scene of sex and bondage has haunted her boring, oh-so-vanilla life ever since.
The fallout from that night tore Tyler’s life apart. He left Mapleglen, disowned and disgraced, to build a successful advertising career and a unique relationship with Nick. Nothing could bring him back except his sister’s wedding, and he plans to hightail it back to Chicago as soon as it’s over. At least one good thing hasn’t changed: Kaelin is as sweet as ever. Except she doesn’t seem too thrilled to hear it.
As tensions run high, Kaelin can’t resist the temptation to commit one crazy act of rebellion. Once the web of secrets, sins and lies starts to unravel, though, their lives will never be the same…

Excerpt ~

They stood there looking at her as if she was a bomb about to explode, sending each other sideways glances. They wanted it too, they had to, or they would have hustled her out the front door of the hotel. But they were being…gentlemen.

A smile tugged her lips. Never in a million years would she have thought to use that word to describe Tyler. Badass, troublemaker, devil—never a gentleman.

And yet, it didn't seem inappropriate. He'd pushed her buttons, teased her and tormented her, but he'd never done anything to her that would make her truly fear him. The fear she felt was of her own reactions to him, the way he made her feel—inadequate, unsophisticated…aroused.

"What's so funny?" Tyler demanded hoarsely.

"You are."

He lifted one eyebrow, clearly unused to being the object of amusement.

"I thought you were such a bad boy," she continued, moving toward them where they stood side by side. "What are you afraid of?"

He shook his head, a reluctant smile tipping up the corners of his mouth. His beautiful, sexy mouth. She wanted to lick his mouth. "That won't work, sweetheart."

Her own smile deepened. "I'm not trying to manipulate you."

"Yes you are. I'm just not sure why. Or where this is coming from. Or what happened to the real Kaelin Daume."

She gave a soft laugh and came to a stop just in front of them. She laid a hand on Tyler's chest and one on Nick's. Nick covered her hand with his, Tyler reached out and rested a hand on her hip.

"I want one night of bad," she said. "Is that so hard to understand?" She looked from Nick to Tyler. "You guys are leaving on Sunday. I have to stay here in Mapleglen for the rest of my life. Nothing like this will ever happen to me again."

She saw the surrender in Tyler's eyes, followed immediately by a flare of heat.

"Are you sure, Kaelin?" Nick asked quietly.

She held his gaze and nodded.

"Because we're both too horny to say no to you," Nick continued wryly, moving around behind her. "But you can stop this any time." She held his gaze, turning to look over her shoulder as he moved. He set his hands on her waist and bent to rub his face on her hair. "Any time. Just say no. Right, Tyler?"

"Right." The word sounded strangled.

"I trust you both," she said. "There's no one else I'd do this with."

Tyler snorted and moved closer, pressing his hips against her. Pressing his erection against her. "You got that right," he said, enigmatically. What did that mean? But her thought got lost as he bent his head to kiss her again, heat washing through her like a molten river, and her head went empty as she turned herself over to sensation.

Nick pressed against her back, against her ass, hands on her hips, pulling her back against him, his mouth seeking and finding the side of her neck. His lips and his breath sent shivers cascading over her skin. Nerves had her shaking inside, excitement swelled up huge and potent. And Tyler kissed her mouth.

She'd grabbed him and kissed him earlier but she'd been so incensed and frustrated, she hadn't had time to really enjoy it. The second kiss had been better. But this one…this time she lost herself in it, her hands on Tyler's shoulders, all big bones and muscles, his tongue sliding into her mouth again and again in an erotic rhythm that had her blood pounding through her veins. His thumb on her chin pressed her mouth open wider for him, and she moaned as she opened to him, tasted him.

Crazy, crazy, crazy. The word ran through her mind until it didn't mean anything anymore. Heat flashed over her, her pussy ached with a sharp, hard need, her breasts swelled and Tyler pressed closer, giving them that pressure they needed. Pressed between two big, hard male bodies, her knees went soft and she started to slide down. They both held her up, Tyler's mouth leaving hers.

"I got her," Nick murmured, and bent to slide an arm beneath her knees, scooping her into his arms. She grabbed his shoulder, stared up at him, her pulse beating so hard that was all she could hear, her body burning up with fever.

"I can't fucking believe this," Tyler muttered, striding to the bed and yanking back the covers.

Review ~

The title One Wicked Night does not disappoint! Kelly Jamieson has given us an extremely emotionally charged read with this one. Once I started it,I didn't want to put it down - I threatened everyone around me to stay away…or else.  I couldn't stop myself from getting sucked into the characters, the drama, the secrets, and the sex - yes I said it - the Sex!

 Families can be so difficult at times, but when Tyler's little sister decides to get married she brings the family, old friends, and secrets together again. Tyler left the small town of Mapleglen years ago and never looked back, now he is coming home with his best friend Nick Kernsted. One person happy to see them is the town’s l’il miss "sweet and innocent" Kaelin Daume. 

When Kaelin was younger, her and the boys used to hang out and had a great time together, she even thought that something might come of her friendship with bad boy Tyler Wirth, but no—true to his bad boy exterior—he broke her heart when she caught him and Nick playing bondage games with another girl.  
Now—even years later—seeing him brings the hurt and the want up to the surface again. Finally now she thinks she might have the strength to do a little show and tell herself and let them both know that she isn't as "sweet and innocent" as they thinks she is. This time she won't stand by and let what she wants leave. This time, she will get what she wants even if it's only for "One Wicked Night".

Weddings always seem to bring drama or open up old drama... lots of juicy secrets are revealed along with some very interesting new ones that will shock the family. Can "One Wicked Night" be a start to something or is it just what it was meant to be…one night?
I am a fan of Kelly Jamieson books! She gives you everything you want in a book and some. I know when I sit down to read one of her books I will be laughing, crying, and panting for more. So if you’re like me get your chocolate, tissues, and ice water ready ‘cause this one is a scorcher with the M/M/F & M/F/M scenes.

Want to know more about Kelly Jamieson?

Website- http://www.kellyjamieson.com/index2.php
Blog- http://blog.kellyjamieson.com/
Group Blog -  http://ninenaughtynovelists.blogspot.com/
Twitter- http://twitter.com/KellyJamieson

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