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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seducing the Myth ~ Lucy Felthouse ~ Review

Seducing the Myth

Title: Seducing The Myth
Authors: Mutli-authors
Featuring & edited by: Lucy Felthouse
Release Date: September 23, 2011


Description ~

Seducing the Myth: Myths and Legends with an Erotic Twist is a collection of 24 tantalising tales that lead you on a decadent journey through mythologies the world over. As well as stories from the popular Greek and Roman periods, this anthology will also delight you with Arabian, Arthurian, Hindu, Jewish, Norse, Slavic, Sumerian and Welsh myths and legends. Add in a delicious sprinkling of fairies, mermaids and ancient fertility rituals and you have a recipe for a wickedly erotic read!

Review ~

Down in the Pool
Have you ever inadvertently overheard a conversation that piqued your curiosity to the point of intentionally eavesdropping?  In this story, a curious reporter overhears a group of old men discussing recent disappearances due to a malevolent mermaid inhabiting a pool up on the moors.  The notion seems irrefutably ludicrous when one considers that Blake Mere is a pool located in a landlocked county.  Deciding this is worthy of further investigation, possibly a good lead on an upcoming story, the reporter schmoozed the elderly men into dishing the details. After a bit of research yielding only loose ends, with map in hand, the reporter treks to Blake Mere for definitive proof.   Sometimes you can’t always believe what you overhear; sometimes  you are left with no choice but to believe what you see!  It is now up to you to do some of your own investigation about what was actually seen by this curious reporter. 
This short story (Down By The Pool) by Lucy Felthouse was one of many imaginative short stories included in Seducing the Myth:  Myths and Legends with an Erotic Twist.  I love this book in that I have found myself reading a story here and there when my reading time is not so lengthy — like while waiting for the noodles to boil, steaks to grill, etc., it’s just the perfect book to keep my reading appetite whetted when time is restricted!  

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