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Saturday, November 26, 2011

So how was your Black Friday? Did you brave the stores? Did you get what you wanted?

This was the first year in 13 years I decided to forgo my normal shopping spree and sleep in. I did however go out and do a little shopping, 2 hours worth and after noon when I was hoping everyone was back at home. I am happy to report I still got everything that I wanted and for add price so - I got sleep, I got my gifts, and I didn't have to wait out in the cold. So overall I had a great Black Friday and got most my list completed and a few extra's for donation Christmas Tree. How about you?


  1. We have a similar insane shopping day Down Under. It happens the day afgter Christmas on a day called Boxing Day (although the phenomenon mainly only happens in the big cities where the shops open). It's madness (and lots of fun watching footage of the madness on the news that night).


  2. I've been over there for Boxing Day but the people here are nuts!