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Friday, February 15, 2013

Day Five~ Tara Lain ~ BOYS, BOYS BOYS!!

I'm so excited to have Miss Tara Lain with us today on our day five for the the Bad Boys Vs. Good Boys event! I recently met Tara and hit it off right away. She is funny and smart and I loved meeting her. for the BBvs.GB event Tara is sharing her one of her adorable characters with us.

Tara loves her boys good, bad, and any way she can get the beautiful boys. Are you a male/male romance reader? if so you might want to keep reading cause Quentin Darby is a doll.

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Welcome to the Bad Boys Vs. Good Boys Blog event hosted by:
Taryn of My Secret Romance, Dawn of Daydrmzzz Blog,
Autumn of The Autumn Review and Kat of The Book Tart.

Character Interview: Quentin Darby (Sometimes called Queen)

1. Name and which book you’re from. Are you good or bad?
My name is Quentin Darby the Third. I am most pleased to meet you, sugah. The name of the book in which I appear is Hearts and Flour. Am I good or bad? Oh my, that is difficult. I try very hard to be good, but I must confess that I have never admitted to my dear grandmother, Mary Beth, that I am gay. And on top of that, I must confess to a great affection for wearing women’s clothes from time to time. And I’ve certainly never told her about that. While I know she would accept me however I am, I hate to be anything less than she would want me to be. But I have met this dear man named Micah, and he is making me want to live a life as myself. So perhaps I’ll get the strength to confess to my grandmother. In answer to your question, many might think I am good, but I seem very wicked to me.

2.  It’s Valentine’s Day. What kind of night do you have planned for your lady friend?
(Laughs.) Well now, my lady friend is, in fact, a gentleman, and we actually met at an Anti-Valentine’s Day party that I must tell you was a bit of an orgy. (Laughs again) And we got right into the swing of it. Oh not with others, you understand, just together. But we did have some great fun up against the wall and on the bathroom counter!

3. While us ladies love to be wined, dined, and *clears throat* loved on Valentine's... What is it you men want most on Valentine's?
While I don’t know about other men, I certainly enjoy the wining, dining and loving myself. But I must confess to being a romantic, and I want to be with someone who truly cares for me and who I can care for in return.

4. Give me your sweetest/dirtiest twitter message (140 characters)
You are as sweet as vanilla lime cupcakes and I’d like to lick your frosting off  LOL #heartsandflour

5.  What do you look for in a woman?
Fashion tips!  LOL

Lightening Speed questions

Blonde’s, Redhead’s, or Brunettes?   
Micah is a brunette, so I must say brunettes.
Boxer’s or Briefs?    
Well, I wear bikini pants, but Micah wears boxer briefs
Chocolate, Strawberry  or Vanilla? 
Oh, I could never choose, sugah
Soft and Sweet or Up Against the Wall?   
Soft and sweet -- up against the wall!
Rain or Snow?   
We never have snow in Laguna, so rain
Cabin or Beach Villa? 
I do love the beach

Limerick: A Young Man from Charleston

Here’s to a young lover named Quentin,
Who’s a sweetie we do want to mention,
He was born in the south, well I say shut my mouth,
And his bakery gets lots of attention. 

When Quentin met Micah one day,
The two hit it off right away,
But a nasty ex-lover
Was soon to discover
Quentin never told grandma he’s gay!

The path of true love is not smooth 
Since Micah loves only raw food.
 Quentin loves to express
By wearing a dress.
Will these two ever get in the mood?

When it looks like the plot will turn crappily,
Grandma steps in very snappily, 
Q. learns Micah is his,
And he’s loved as he is,
And we smile as it all ends up happily.

A raw food fanatic and a cupcake baker -- can two hearts rise above the flour?To Micah Truveen, raw, vegan food is his religion. So when his devoted customers start showing up with white flour cupcakes, Micah could kill. To cap off a rotten day before Valentine’s Day, Micah comes home to find his boyfriend, Dharamaram, in bed with someone else. In frustration, he throws the rat out and agrees to go to his friend’s orgiastic anti-Valentines party where he meets a gorgeous cross-dressing guy who gives him a night to remember.Southerner, Quentin Darby wishes he could stop wearing women’s clothes. He desperately wants to live up to the glowing opinion his grandmother holds of him, so he’s never even told her he’s gay. And now there’s this guy who makes him wish he could just be who he is. But Micah finds out that Quentin is none other than the baker responsible for the plague of cupcakes afflicting the community! And Dharmaram adds a little blackmail to the mix. Two guys with nothing in common except love--food for thought.

Available  at  Amazon   ARe

About Tara Lain:

Tara Lain, like so many novelists, wrote her first book at five. Writing ability got her through college when there wasn't enough time in the day, and, shortly thereafter, it became a marketable skill. Very early in life, people started paying her to write -- scripts for industrial films, brochures, magazine articles on semiconductors. She became a really successful non-fiction "ghost-writer".

 Now, when you're being paid well to write non-fiction, it's tough to spend time writing fiction that nobody pays you for for a long time. But then Tara found EROM (erotic romance). Always a lover of fantasy, she got hooked on the beauty, emotion, and happily-ever-after of these books (to say nothing of the great sex) and was finally inspired to write one of her own. But writing fiction is REALLY different than non-fiction. There was so much to learn, and after writing her first book she went back to school (via online workshops) and really got down to learning the craft. A year later, she had rewritten that book, and created another one, and a very supportive publisher said yes! Today, she's off and running as a passionate writer of erotic fiction. 

Married to a her soul mate, a wonderful man who surprises her every day, Tara continues to love semiconductors and software and medical devices -- all with a little touch of romance. She's also an artist in her spare time (LOL) working in oil and mixed media collage.

Tara would love to hear from you. 
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