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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day Four with Taryn Elliott ~ Good Boys Vs. Bad Boys ~ Which do you prefer?

It's the fourth day of the Bad Boys Vs. Good Boys event and I'm rooting for the Bad Boys! Who are you rooting for?
Today we have Shane Justice with us from Taryn Elliott's new book Suspended from Loose Id and he says says he's a good boy.

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Welcome to the Bad Boys Vs. Good Boys Blog event hosted by:
Taryn of My Secret Romance, Dawn of Daydrmzzz Blog,
Autumn of The Autumn Review and Kat of The Book Tart.

Happy Book Birthday to miss Taryn Elliott! If you don't already know Taryn is a Twitter-aholic and can can be found Tweeting all the time, as a matter of fact she even does a "Daily Dean - #dailydean" tweet. For those of you asking "Dean" what? It's Dean Winchester or Jensen Ackles of course. Thank you for all those yummy pics Taryn! 

Now onto Mr. Shane Justice...

1. Name and which book you’re from. Are you good or bad? 
My name is Shane Justice and somehow I got top billing in this Taryn Elliott chick’s book, Suspended. I guess I’m a good guy. Kendall calls me Oscar 9 times out of 10, but Oscar’s just a grouch, not an asshole. *crosses arms* Mostly.

2. It’s Valentine’s Day. What kind of night do you have planned for your lady friend? 
Crap. I’m supposed to plan something? You do mean something special right? *pinches bridge of his nose* I’m running out of furniture to make. I already made her a chair and a damn bed. She did like the bed. *smirks* She really liked the bed. 
Maybe I’ll raid the Christmas decorations and do up the barn with all those twinkle lights she loves. Buy her a red silk scarf and try my hand at surprising her again. I got away with it once. I just might be able to do it again. Sunshine—that’s what I call her—she’s a smart woman. I can’t get much past her, but she is distracted with ordering Kain and his crew around now that we’ve got the okay to start building our new house. Our king sized bed is still in my workshop until I can give her four walls and a roof to make things truly official. A little candlelight, a little dinner…a little double duty with the scarf. Maybe even a bottle of wine if I can convince Lily to take care of The Heron for the night.

3.  If you could wield cupids bow and arrow, who would you shoot and why?
I’d shoot Kain. That bastard needs to stop smiling at me so indulgently. He’s my best friend and deserves a little arrow to the ass so he can see firsthand how love changes your whole perspective. The handy super model date is fine for a while, but he could use the love of a good woman to settle him down. He’s overdue for a handy dose of misery with a side benefit of bliss. Everything comes way too easily to that man. Kain needs a woman that will call him on his shit and not let him get away with using all that filthy rich shit and charm to get what he wants.

4. Whisper sweet nothings in my ear telling me what you will do to me on Valentine's.
I’m sure you’re lovely, but a—my wife would kick my ass and sink me in the middle of the lake with a rock tied to my chest, and b—I’m a one woman guy. Now…as to what I’ll do to Sunshine? I think the red scarf is a good clue as to what I’ll do. Use your imagination as to just how I’ll use it. And just how long I use it.

5. While us ladies love to be wined, dined, and *clears throat* loved on Valentine's... What is it you men want most on Valentine's?
I’m not going to give the regular schpiel about the Hallmark holiday that a lot of guys use. I like spoiling Kendall and I especially like when she lets herself put a hold on the B and B caretaker side of her personality and relaxes with me. It doesn’t happen too often, but I savor those nights when she’s all mine. That’s all I want. No interruptions, no to-do lists, no interruptions…did I mention that all ready? It bears repeating. Again…no interruptions. Just me and Sunshine, the dock, and an empty lake with no one else around. Just us on our wide Adirondack chair and her inventive and freaking incredible imagination.

6. What do you look for in a woman?
A few years ago it would have been a simple answer. A lush, experienced woman with attitude to spare. No strings sex and mutual pleasure that fades by morning.
Now? Attitude to spare is still a turn on, but now I can’t get this pint sized blond out of my head. Her crazy wide smile and laugh that makes my gut clench if I’m not close to her. She honestly cares about everyone she meets and makes me want to care too. And she makes me lighten up which everyone I know prefers. 

Lightening Speed questions:

Blonde’s, Redhead’s, or Brunettes? 
Boxer’s or Briefs? 
Chocolate, Strawberry  or Vanilla? 
Soft and Sweet or Up Against the Wall? 
Against the wall
Rain or Snow? 
Cabin or Beach Villa? 

Blurb -
Shane woke to a human vine curled around his legs and waist. She slept heavy and still. Better than a thrasher, but the oddity of having her pressed against him had woken him a few times in the night. He’d wanted her close, had made sure to bring her into his space before dropping off to sleep—and yet that desire was as foreign as it was alluring.
Between getting his furniture company off the ground and the early schedule with Justice Construction, he hadn’t had much opportunity to date anyone. And the few times he’d found someone to share a night with, he made sure to leave before the morning afters.
But he liked her weight, liked her smell on him, liked her hair sliding across his throat—hell, he didn’t have one thing to complain about with her and the horizontal. He wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing. The only thing he knew definitively was that it was a dangerous thing.
A pearly mist curled around the basin of El Capitan. It was an impressive mountain, and he’d done his fair share of rock climbing with Kain when they were in college. In the end it was the water that interested them more. They’d traveled during the school breaks to find waves in Australia, Hawaii, and South Africa.
It had been a very long time since he’d been in the park. And having Kendall there with him felt natural. Everything about her felt right and scary as fucking hell. Had this been the old man’s plan all along? Finding family for him?
He wove his fingers through her sunlight-colored strands. Dew dotted her hair, adding another layer of freshness to her fall scent. The curls coiled around his fingers and wrist. The dawn came with the birdcalls of the hawk and fluttering song of the sparrows. The world was coming alive, and it was time for them to go.
One more stop and they’d leave California in their rearview mirror. He would miss it. His life and his friends had been so much a part of the cliffs and waterways of Monterey. But there was nothing there for him any longer. Every day since his dad had died, he’d felt a little more detached from the land and the house. Kain was the only thing holding him to Monterey. And it just wasn’t enough any longer.
Maybe he’d find something new and amazing in New York. Or maybe their shared house was a conduit for them both to start fresh lives. There was a loneliness in Kendall’s eyes sometimes. When her smiles faded and the conversation died away, he caught a look as she took in the miles of trees and foliage of Yosemite. Even in the cliff sides of Monterey, he’d sensed a similar restlessness inside her.
Was it that kinship that drew him to her, or was it more? It felt like more. Why did it have to be now? He didn’t even know where he was going to live. And she sure as hell hadn’t been in his plan.

About Taryn Eliott:
I'm from upstate New York. I have a deep and abiding love for all things music, television, and books. Laughter is the only way to get through this life in tact and I'm willing to share that laughter with everyone I meet. 

I’ll give away a copy of ASHES AND WINE and SUSPENDED

Don't forget to stop by the other blogs participating in this event - My Secret Romance,  The Autumn Review and The Book Tart. Check out whats happening there for more chance to win as well as some amazing authors.

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    1. *sigh* man...it's been awhile since I read the DH's. Might have to get on that again. His book just killed me. I couldn't even finish it that one hurt so bad.

  2. Dean in the tv show supernatural, he's kind of both good and bad - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

    1. Agreed!! Dean can be ruthless when it comes to getting the job done. That's part terrifying, and part sexy as all get out.

  3. Man. it's getting around that I'm a Dean girl, huh? LOL S'okay. More the merrier on Twittaaah!
    Yes, I'm a freak. I'm okay with it.

    Thanks so much for letting me participate. It was fun to get back into Shane's head to answer the questions. ;)

  4. My favorite good/bad boy is Kelkan Kyle from the Thoughtless series!

  5. I am a sucker for the bad boy--all the way. Not sure what that says about me, lol.
    Favorite fictional bad boy is Lothaire by Kresley Cole.
    And on t.v.--Jax of Sons of Anarchy is delish.
    Great giveaway!

  6. Zsadist is one ofmy favorite bad boy :)