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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love is in the Air HOP

Today is the first day of the Under the Cover Blog Hop and I am happy to once again be apart of one of their terrific hops. From Feb. 7-14 we will be participating in the  "LOVE IS IN THE AIR" Blog Hop with over 70 other blogs! 

Okay not I know so of you out there are wondering why do I have a video of some old guy on my blog instead of some serious man candy right? Okay I have a confession to make I am way to young to know this guy but I know the song and my grandma had/has the  biggest crush on him so I used to listen to him all the time - Tom Jones. 

Now the next question I'm sure your asking is why Tom Jones? Well he sings "Love is in the air" and I thought how fitting to play the song the hop was named after (which the ladies at UTC are all too young to know as well). It's a cute song and one everyone should hear so enjoy!

Okay now onto the really good stuff the GIVEAWAY!

For this hop I will be giving away two eBook copies of Carrie Ann Ryan's newest release Finding Abigail. All you have to do to enter is tell me what "new to you" author have you read so far this year 2013 that you would recommend, or what book? 
*international giveaway

I met Ms. Ryan on Twitter about a year and a half ago and we quickly became great friends and I a huge fan of her work. The other day I happened to chat with her and found out I was her first, yes I said it I got to be her first! I was the first reviewer and blogger to host and review her! I was so thrilled to hear this because Carrie Ann Ryan has taken this year over, she will have put out over 15 books by the end of this year and has been nominated for several awards. Let me tell you people if you haven't already had the pleasure of reading this lady she is a must! Shifters, angels, demons, spirits,  she does them all fabulous. She has just released a new yesterday and I couldn't help but think it was perfect for this hope so close to Valentine's Day - it's about a cupid! Check it out and be sure to look up Carrie Ann Ryan!

Tyler Cooper is the town sheriff and, in the past, had been the only person keeping Holiday steady. Though the community is now finding out that it’s town is magical, Tyler has always known it—it’s in his blood. He has always known his fate of becoming a cupid, striking love into the hearts others, but an enemy from his past is set on keeping him from finding his own destiny—and love.
Abigail Clarke is leaving Holiday for good. She has to. After years of trying to fit in and make Tyler notice her, she’s giving up. She’s watched her friends fall in love and it’s heartbreaking. Acknowledging that the one man she’s always loved doesn’t want her, it’s time to move on and find her own future.
Right when the stars align and Tyler opens his eyes, his enemy is back and has his sights on Abigail. Abigail is in danger and Tyler may be the only one to stand up to him and save her.

Warning: Contains one sexy sheriff who turns into cupid, complete with bow and arrow, the sweetest teacher you’ll ever meet who needs to find her bad girl side, and a love of candy hearts that’s sure to bring them together.

How many skeins of yarn does a person need to collect before it became hoarding and not just there for a rainy day?
Abigail Clarke shook her head at her own question and started to throw various colors and textures of yarn into a canvas bag. Instead of trekking to her new place with them in tow, she’d just donate them to the Holiday Women’s Society since they knitted more than she did anyway. Dear Lord, she was twenty-two and a closet knitter. Even though she’d been living like an adult since she was fourteen, she was still a baby compared to most of her friends.
And, she was still a closet knitter.
Okay, not so much in the closet since the whole town thought she only knitted, baked, and cleaned her little house. God forbid they imagine her with a life of her own where she got to at least have some semblance of fun.
So, what if they were partially correct?

About this author

Carrie Ann Ryan is a bestselling paranormal and contemporary romance author. After spending too much time behind a lab bench, she decided to dive into the romance world and find her werewolf mate - even if it’s just in her books. Happy endings are always near - even if you have to get over the challenges of falling in love first.
Carrie Ann’s Redwood Pack series is a bestselling series that has made the shifter world even more real to her and has allowed the Dante’s Circle and Holiday, Montana series to be born. She's also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She loves meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.

WEBSITE http://www.carrieannryan.com/

Happy Hopping!!

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  1. Love that song by Tom! Great choice.

    As for new authors that I've read this year - Terri L. Austin is new for me - she writes a mystery series I'm really getting into. Thanks for the giveaway.

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  2. So far, in 2013, I have discovered Liz Crowe and the Stewart Realty series -- soo good!!

  3. Love this author and Tom Jones telling my age!

  4. Just started reading JR Ward Brotherhood of the Dagger series and am LOVING it!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  5. haven't discovered any new authors yet this year. discovered carrie anne last year & have enjoyed several of her books, would love to win this one :) thanks for the chance :)
    gamistress66 (at) aol (dot) com

  6. I would recommend Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. They write the Beautiful Creatures series which I have fallen in love with. Thanks for giveaway.

  7. I've been reading Kimberly Sabatini (sp?) Touching the Surface and I really like it so far


  8. I've discovered Nicole Flockton and Bound By Her Ring is on my iPad to read but haven't yet.


  9. No one new YET this year but, Last year I discovered Cindy Gerard and her BOI (black ops inc)series. I devoured each & every book in that series. Then this past 2 weeks I picked up her older series, Bodyguards WOW! fantastic. After finishing those I am now reading the first in her newest series One Eyed Jacks, called Killing Time. If you like Roamantic suspense, you'll love Cindy Gerard!


  10. I just discovered Sable Hunter and her writing are HOT!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mary_reiss @ hotmail.com

  11. I discovered Kallypso Masters in December 2012 her Masters At Arms series are superb; all of the books are excellent; but I have a special place for Nobody's Hero's Master Adam's and Karla's story. I highly recommend this author and her work; I can't tell you the emotional high, lows, intense real life scenes that make each of her books seem like the characters are actually real people! Excellent author!
    Your review was excellent and I look forward to reading Ms. Ryan's work.
    Thank you for the contest!
    Happy V Day!
    bluebirdsub24 at gmail dot com

    1. I just found her too!!! I'm so excited cause I get to meet her in a few weeks too at the Naughty Sleepover.

  12. I truly love Carrie Ann's book and this new series especially. A new to me author for 2013 would be Natalie G. Owen. I won her book AN ETERNITY OF ROSES and really loved it.
    Thanks for the contest and Happy Valentine's Day.
    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  13. Thanks for the giveaway! Love is definitely in the air and I think a good example of a strong romantic novel is "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon. Jamie and Claire are EPIC.

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    mestith (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. I haven't encountered a new author this year.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

  15. Haven't read any new authors this year.