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Monday, February 11, 2013

Day One ~ Karen Stivali ~ Do you like 'em good or bad?

We met our Bad Boy Bryn earlier today thanks too Kendall Grey and 
now I'm happy to introduce you to our Good Boy - Daniel.

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Welcome to the Bad Boys Vs. Good Boys Blog event hosted by:
Taryn of My Secret Romance, Dawn of Daydrmzzz Blog,
Autumn of The Autumn Review and Kat of The Book Tart.

Daniel is from Meant To Be and Holding On byKaren Stilvali and is a total sweetheart with a devilish accent and romantic heart, so get ready to have those knees knock cause he's a dreamboat.

1. Name and which book you’re from. Are you good or bad? 
I’m from the novels Meant To Be and Holding On by Karen Stivali (and a few short stories she’s penned as well). I’d love to say that I’m wreckless and dangerous beyond compare, but I’m afraid I’m just an ordinary bloke. I’ve heard lots of readers say I’m a good guy. Not sure if that’s why they like me or not. Actually, I’m pretty sure they’re mainly just fond of my accent. American women certainly seem to go for men with British accents. I’ve not got a clue why.

2. It’s Valentine’s Day. What kind of night do you have planned for your lady friend? 
Valentine’s Day is a rather big deal for me. I’m a romantic at heart. I’ll go the classic route with flowers, chocolate and jewelry, plus a nice dinner out, with dancing. And, well, it wouldn’t be gentlemanly for me to elaborate on the latter part of the evening. *winks*

3.  If you could wield cupids bow and arrow, who would you shoot and why?
I’d find some poor sap who’s as lost and lonely as I was before I met Marienne and I’d shoot him and the woman of his dreams right in their arses so they could find one another and fall in love.

4. Whisper sweet nothings in my ear telling me what you will do to me on Valentine's.
Actually, as an English professor and a writer I have to tell you I’m a firm believer in the rule “show, don’t tell.” 

5. While us ladies love to be wined, dined, and *clears throat* loved on Valentine's... What is it you men want most on Valentine's?
 I just want the woman I love to feel loved. She makes me feel that way each and every day and, although I’m one of the good guys, I’m still a guy. I’m quite sure I don’t tell or show her how I feel often enough. I like to think Valentine’s Day is a day to make up for any times I missed the chance to let her know how special she is to me. Did I mention that I’m a romantic at heart? 

6. Give me your sweetest/dirtiest twitter message (140 characters)
If I had to live a single day over and over on an endless loop I wouldn’t mind as long as it was a day spent with you. 

7. What do you look for in a woman? 
A good heart, someone who cares about others. A strong sense of self, she has to know who she is and what she believes. And she absolutely must find my jokes amusing. Until I met Marienne I didn’t realize how important that was but after the first time I made her laugh I knew it was something I wanted to keep doing. One of the best sounds in the world.  

Lightening Speed questions
Blonde’s, Redhead’s, or Brunettes? Brunettes
Boxer’s or Briefs? Boxer briefs
Chocolate, Strawberry  or Vanilla? Chocolate
Soft and Sweet or Up Against the Wall? Both, please. 
Rain or Snow? Summer thunderstorm, winter blizzard
Cabin or Beach Villa? Villa

~~~~ Limericks ~~~~

There’s something that I must confess
I love when your hair is a mess
It reminds me of bed
And the night that we wed
And makes me want to undress


Sometimes you’re already committed to the wrong person when fate finally brings you the right one. When NYU professor Daniel Gardner’s career-obsessed wife convinces him to move to the suburbs, he hopes it’s a first step toward starting the family he longs to have. Instead of domestic bliss he finds his neighbor, Marienne Valeti. She loves her freelance design job, but must contend with a growing sense of isolation created by her husband’s indifference. A penchant for good books, bad movies, and Marienne’s to-die-for brownies sparks a powerful bond between them. Passion simmers, but they resist its lure, surrendering only in the seclusion of their minds. Their friendship helps them weather every hardship, from divorce to widowhood, leaving them both secretly wondering if it can survive a first kiss.

When you have everything you’ve ever dreamed of, the hard part is Holding On. British NYU professor Daniel Gardner thinks life can’t get better than the day his three-year-old stepdaughter, Ella, calls him Daddy for the first time. Then his wife Marienne tells him she’s pregnant. Daniel is thrilled, but worried about Marienne’s health. Not wanting to cause her stress, he turns to writing to calm his nerves. He pens a screenplay, thinking it’s nothing more than a mental health exercise, but when a colleague reads it and hands it to a producer, it turns into a production contract. Daniel accepts the offer and transfers to a teaching position at Dartmouth, hoping that small town living and a shorter commute will simplify his life. 
As he attempts to juggle his new responsibilities, he gets an unexpected letter from Roger, the father he never knew. For the first time since they met, Daniel and Marienne are at odds; she wants him to give Roger a chance, but Daniel wants nothing to do with the man he thinks abandoned his mother. As Daniel and Marienne struggle, they must contend with interference from Daniel’s sexy ex-wife, who appears to want him back, and a handsome, all-too-helpful single dad who desires Marienne as more than a play-date pal. They must both confront deep-seated issues with trust and acceptance if they’re going to find a way to make their marriage work and hold on to the love they share.

About Karen Stivali:

I write erotic romance (published by Ellora’s Cave) and sexy women’s fiction (to be published by Turquoise Morning Press). I can also be found on twitter attempting witty banter.
Have a question or comment? Contact me! I love hearing from readers.

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  1. Daniel sounds completely yummy. I have not heard of these books before, but am putting them on my Must Get List immediately. I love series books that follow up on characters and let them see how they are doing later.

  2. I like my male character to be a little bit good and bad :)